Burger King Menu Prices in Philippines [Updated] 2024

Burger King, a beloved global fast-food chain, is a familiar name for anyone seeking delicious bites. Its mouth-watering offerings have earned it a spot in households around the world, appealing to taste buds far and wide. Central to this culinary empire is the renowned Burger King Menu, a collection of flavors and choices that has positioned it as a favorite among food enthusiasts.

The charm of the Burger King Menu goes beyond a simple list of dishes; it’s a flavorful journey designed to please various tastes. With a dedication to top-notch ingredients and creative innovations, Burger King has curated a menu that not only quells hunger but also enhances the entire fast-food experience.

Whether indulging in savory classics or exploring innovative specials, the Burger King Menu exemplifies the brand’s unwavering commitment to delivering a joyous gastronomic adventure.

Burger King Menu Prices

Burger King Menu Prices in Philippines

Begin on a culinary journey with Burger King’s diverse menu in the Philippines, offering delights like Tender & Crispy Chicken, 4-Cheese Whopper, and inviting BK Café. The upcoming section reveals the pricing details, adding an extra layer of fascination to the captivating world of Burger King’s menu.

Burger King Whopper Menu

The Whopper, Burger King’s iconic flagship burger, takes center stage on the menu. Available in various sizes and variations, the Whopper menu section delves into the juicy details of these flame-grilled delights and their corresponding pricing.

Whopper MenuPrice in ₱
Pepperoni Bacon Whopper₱299
Whopper Jr.₱79
Pepperoni Bacon Whopper Jr.₱179

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Burger King Chicken King Menu

For those who prefer their meals centered around chicken, the Chicken King menu offers a comprehensive look at the chicken-centric options available at Burger King in the Philippines. Dive into the details of pricing and discover why chicken enthusiasts keep coming back.

Chicken King MenuPrice in ₱
Spicy Chicken King₱189
Chicken King₱179

Burger King Group Meals Menu

Catering to larger groups, the Group Meals menu at Burger King in the Philippines offers options for everyone. From classic favorites to customizable choices, the menu ensures that groups with diverse preferences can find something to relish together.

Group Meals MenuPrice in ₱
King Feast for 2 with Regular Sides & Drinks₱309
King Feast for 4 with Medium Sides & Drinks₱825
King Feast for 2 with Medium Sides & Drinks₱387
King Feast for 4 with Large Sides & Drinks₱865
King Feast for 2 with Large Sides & Drinks₱407
King Feast for 4 with Regular Sides & Drinks₱669

Burger King 4-Cheese Whopper Menu

Cheese lovers rejoice as the 4-Cheese Whopper menu beckons. This section explores the cheesy indulgence offered by Burger King, providing insights into pricing, customer reviews, and why this option stands out.

4-Cheese Whopper MenuPrice in ₱
Bacon 4-Cheese Whopper Jr.₱209
4-Cheese Whopper₱249
Bacon 4-Cheese Whopper₱335
4-Cheese Whopper Jr.₱115

Burger King King Savers Combos Menu

For those on a tight budget, Burger King’s King Savers Combos menu is a haven. Offering affordable options without compromising on taste, customers can choose from an array of combos that provide a satisfying and cost-effective meal.

King Savers Combos MenuPrice in ₱
BK Chunky Chicken Fillet Combo w/ Regular Drink₱95
Flame-Grilled Hamburger Combo with Regular Drink₱95
Flame-Grilled Cheeseburger Combo w/ Regular Drink₱95
Whopper Jr. Combo with Regular Drink₱99
X-tra Long Chicken Jr. Combo with Regular Drink₱85

Burger King Flame-Grilled Cheeseburger

The Flame-Grilled Cheeseburger menu section unveils the secrets behind the mouth-watering flavor of Burger King’s cheeseburgers. From pricing details to customer satisfaction, this part of the menu is a journey into the heart of Burger King’s signature flame-grilled goodness.

Flame-Grilled Cheeseburger MenuPrice in ₱
Flame-Grilled Hamburger₱69
Flame-Grilled BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger₱185
Flame-Grilled Cheeseburger₱69
Flame-Grilled Triple Cheeseburger₱295
Double Quarter Pound King₱349
Flame-Grilled Double BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger₱269
Flame-Grilled Quadruple Cheeseburger₱345
Flame-Grilled BBQ Hamburger₱69
Quarter Pound King₱239
Flame-Grilled Double Cheeseburger₱195

Burger King Plant-Based Menu

Embracing the plant-based trend, Burger King in the Philippines introduces a Plant-Based Menu. This section explores the vegan and vegetarian choices available, shedding light on the transparency in pricing and the growing demand for plant-based options.

Plant-Based MenuPrice in ₱
Plant-Based X-tra Long Chicken₱175
Plant-Based Whopper Jr.₱109
Plant-Based Whopper₱245

Burger King King Specials

Limited-time specials and promotions take the spotlight in this section. Discover the strategies behind Burger King’s pricing for these exclusive offerings and understand how these specials engage customers.

King Specials MenuPrice in ₱
BBQ Bacon King Jr.₱205
Double Mushroom Swiss King Jr.₱265
Double Bacon King₱439
Bacon King₱299
Double BBQ Bacon King Jr.₱269
Mushroom Swiss King Jr.₱199
Double BBQ Bacon King₱439
Bacon King Jr.₱205
Mushroom Swiss King₱275
Double Bacon King Jr.₱269
BBQ Bacon King₱299

Burger King BK Café Menu

Beverage enthusiasts can rejoice as the BK Café menu offers a range of quality beverages. Dive into the details of the café offerings, their pricing, and why they are a favorite among Burger King patrons.

BK Café MenuPrice in ₱
Iced Sweet Black Coffee₱55
Roast Coffee₱49
Iced Vanilla Coffee₱65
Iced Mocha Coffee₱65

Burger King Tender & Crispy Chicken

Focusing on chicken tenders, this part of the menu dives into the details of Burger King’s Tender & Crispy Chicken options. From flavors to pricing, this section unveils why chicken tenders are a beloved choice among patrons.

Tender & Crispy Chicken MenuPrice in ₱
4pc Chicken Nuggets₱85
2pc Tender Crunchy Fried Chicken Leg w/ Rice₱245
6pc Chicken Nuggets₱125
1pc Tender Crunchy Fried Chicken Leg w/ Rice₱165
10pc Chicken Nuggets₱199

Burger King Ultimate Sidekicks

Explore the assortment of side dishes in the Ultimate Sidekicks menu section. With details on pricing and how these sides complement the main course, readers get a comprehensive understanding of the options available.

Ultimate Sidekicks MenuPrice in ₱
Hash Bites₱49
Thick-Cut Fries₱49
Onion Rings₱59

Burger King Breakfast Menu

Start your day right with insights into the Breakfast menu. From morning menu highlights to pricing details, discover why Burger King’s breakfast offerings are a popular choice for early risers.

Breakfast MenuPrice in ₱
Spam, Egg, & Cheese Sandwich₱128
Mushroom, Egg, & Cheese Sandwich₱128
Bacon Platter₱158
Spam Bacon Platter₱154
Spam Platter₱150
Breakfast Sausage King₱109

Burger King Drinks Menu

Quench your thirst with the diverse choices available in the Drinks menu section. From beverage options to sizes and pricing, this part of the menu ensures readers are well-informed about the drink offerings at Burger King.

Drinks MenuPrice in ₱
Iced Mocha Coffee₱65
Coke Original Taste in Can₱59
Coke Original Taste₱59
Rootbeer Drink₱55
Iced Tea₱59
Coke Float₱49
Minute Maid Orange Juice₱65
Coke Zero Sugar in Can₱59
Iced Sweet Black Coffee₱55
Roast Coffee₱49
Bottled Water₱39
Minute Maid Apple Juice₱65
Iced Vanilla Coffee₱65
Rootbeer Float₱49
Coke Zero Sugar₱59

Burger King Desserts Menu

Indulge your sweet tooth with the Desserts menu. This section outlines the dessert options available, their pricing, and why they are a delightful way to end a Burger King meal.

Desserts MenuPrice in ₱
Caramel Sundae₱48
Chocolate Sundae₱48
Espresso Sundae₱59
Caramel Espresso Sundae₱59

Burger King X-tra Long Chicken

Chicken enthusiasts can explore the X-tra Long Chicken menu, highlighting unique and savory chicken options. Details on sizes, pricing, and customer satisfaction make this section a must-read for chicken lovers.

X-tra Long Chicken MenuPrice in ₱
X-tra Long Chicken Jr.₱65
X-tra Long Chicken₱115

Burger King Menu Bestsellers and Their Prices

Indulge your taste buds in the culinary excellence of Burger King’s menu bestsellers in the Philippines. From iconic Whoppers to savory classics, each bite is a journey of flavor. Join us and experience the unparalleled satisfaction that comes with every bite your taste buds deserve the best; try Burger King today.

  • Whopper (₱199)
  • X-tra Long Chicken (₱115)
  • Onion Rings (₱59)

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Conclusion of Burger King Menu Prices

In conclusion, understanding Burger King’s menu prices in the Philippines is not just about budgeting; it’s about appreciating the value and variety the menu brings to the table. As you begin on your culinary journey with Burger King, explore the diverse options, savor the flavors, and make informed choices that suit your preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the current Burger King menu prices in the Philippines?

Currently, Burger King’s menu prices in the Philippines range from ₱27 to ₱980.

Are there any vegetarian options on the Burger King menu?

Absolutely! Burger King offers a Plant-Based Menu with a variety of vegan and vegetarian choices.

What is the most popular item on the Burger King menu?

The Whopper stands as one of the most popular items on the Burger King menu, beloved for its iconic flame-grilled flavor.

Are there any ongoing promotions or discounts at Burger King?

Burger King frequently introduces limited-time specials and promotions. Check with your local outlet for the latest offerings.

Can I customize my order at Burger King?

Yes, Burger King allows customization to cater to individual preferences. Feel free to personalize your order to create the perfect meal.

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