Conti’s Menu Prices in Philippines [Latest] 2024

Conti’s is a popular restaurant chain loved by Filipinos for its delicious food. Known for offering a wide variety of dishes, Conti’s has earned a reputation for its culinary excellence. The highlight of Conti’s is its carefully crafted menu, blending local flavors with international influences to create unique and satisfying meals.

With a focus on quality and creativity, Conti’s continues to attract food lovers throughout the Philippines. Whether you’re enjoying a cozy breakfast or celebrating a special occasion with a lavish dinner, Conti’s ensures a friendly atmosphere and top-notch service to complement its tasty offerings.

Whatever your food preferences are, Conti’s menu caters to everyone’s taste buds. Each dish at Conti’s reflects their commitment to culinary excellence. Discover the magic of Conti’s menu and begin a culinary adventure like no other.

Conti's Menu Prices

Conti’s Menu Prices in Philippines

Conti’s offers a diverse range of menu items in the Philippines, spanning across various categories to satisfy every craving. Whether you’re in the mood for sandwiches, salads, appetizers, mains, pasta, soups, all-day breakfast, drinks, noodles, desserts, delightful plates, or vegetables, Conti’s has something delicious in store for you.

Conti’s Delightful Plates

For those looking for something a little different, Conti’s delightful plates menu offers a selection of unique and innovative dishes that are sure to impress.

Delightful Plates MenuPrice in ₱
Favorite Plate₱385
Surf N Turf Plate₱545
Lite N Easy Plate₱495

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Conti’s Salads Menu

For those seeking lighter fare, Conti’s salad menu offers a variety of fresh and flavorful options. Whether you prefer classic Caesar salad or something more adventurous like a mango chicken salad, there’s something for everyone.

Salads MenuPrice in ₱
Mango Royale Salad₱345
Chicken Potato Salad₱195
Conti’s Signature Salad₱375
Symphony Salad₱345
Pineapple Macaroni Salad₱195
Apple Potato Salad₱195
Homemade Caesar Salad₱365

Conti’s Appetizers Menu

Kickstart your meal with an array of appetizers designed to tantalize your taste buds. From crispy spring rolls to savory chicken wings, Conti’s appetizers are perfect for sharing or enjoying as a starter.

Appetizers MenuPrice in ₱
Salt & Pepper Calamari₱285
Gambas y Champiñon al Ajillo₱265

Conti’s Mains Menu

Indulge in Conti’s main course offerings, featuring a diverse selection of meat, seafood, and vegetarian dishes. From tender beef steaks to succulent seafood platters, each dish is expertly prepared to satisfy your cravings.

Mains MenuPrice in ₱
Chicken Barbeque₱355
Sinigang na Salmon Head sa Miso₱345
Barbequed Spare Ribs₱375
Salmon Salpicao₱445
Chicken ala Kiev₱445
Lengua Estofado₱485
Grilled Porkchops₱485
Baked Prawns₱495
Roast Beef in Mushroom Sauce₱495
Conti’s Baked Salmon₱545
Beef Salpicao₱550

Conti’s Noodles Menu

Craving noodles? Look no further than Conti’s noodles menu, featuring a variety of noodle dishes inspired by flavors from around the world.

Noodles MenuPrice in ₱
Pancit Palabok₱195
Garlic Sotanghon₱195

Conti’s Pasta Menu

Pasta lovers rejoice! Conti’s pasta menu boasts a range of traditional and contemporary pasta dishes, all made with the finest ingredients and served with your choice of sauce.

Pasta MenuPrice in ₱
Truffle Mushroom Linguine₱420
Cheesy Baked Macaroni₱295
Linguine in Pesto Sauce₱295
Pasta con Gambas₱355
Vongole Bianco₱395
Linguine in Pesto Sauce with Seafood₱395
Pasta Carbonara₱355

Conti’s Soups Menu

Warm up with a bowl of comforting soup from Conti’s soups menu. From creamy mushroom soup to tangy tomato basil soup, these soups are perfect for a chilly day.

Soups MenuPrice in ₱
Tofu Steak with Japanese Rice₱315
Fresh Lumpiang Ubod (2 pcs)₱175

Conti’s Drinks Menu

Quench your thirst with Conti’s refreshing drinks menu, offering everything from freshly squeezed juices to decadent milkshakes and smoothies.

Drinks MenuPrice in ₱
Coke in Can (Original)₱95
Sprite in Can₱95
Coke Zero in Can₱95
Bottled Water₱55

Conti’s Sandwiches

Satisfy your cravings with Conti’s delicious sandwiches, made with fresh ingredients and served on your choice of bread.

Sandwiches MenuPrice in ₱
Grilled Cheese Sandwich₱345
Hearty Club Sandwich₱335
Chicken Salad Sandwich₱265

Conti’s Desserts Menu

Save room for dessert! Conti’s dessert menu features an irresistible array of sweets, from classic cakes and pastries to indulgent sundaes and parfaits.

Desserts MenuPrice in ₱
Freshly Brewed Bottled Iced Tea (500ml)₱125
Mango Bravo Slice₱290
Halo-Halo Special₱95

Conti’s Vegetables Menu

Vegetarians will appreciate Conti’s dedicated vegetable menu, featuring hearty and flavorful dishes that celebrate the natural goodness of vegetables.

Vegetables MenuPrice in ₱
Tofu Steak with Japanese Rice₱315
Fresh Lumpiang Ubod (2 pcs)₱175

Conti’s All-Day Breakfast

Start your day right with Conti’s all-day breakfast offerings, ranging from classic Filipino breakfast plates to international favorites like pancakes and omelets.

All-Day Breakfast MenuPrice in ₱
Bacon Slab₱345
Salmon Belly in Olive Oil₱295
Pork Tocino₱295
Smoked Boneless Bangus₱315
Chef’s Special Plate (Breakfast Medley)₱395
Really Meaty Plate (Breakfast Medley)₱395
Mom’s Garlic Longganisa₱295
Homemade Beef Tapa Strips₱315
Daing na Bangus₱315
Perfect Filipino Plate (Breakfast Medley)₱395
Biscoff French Toast₱275
Bacon Bagnet₱345

Conti’s Menu Bestsellers and Their Prices

Conti’s menu in the Philippines boasts several bestsellers that have captured the hearts and taste buds of countless customers. From the famous Mango Bravo cake to the savory Chicken ala Kiev and the flavorful Beef Salpicao, these dishes consistently delight and satisfy discerning palates.

  • Mango Bravo Slice (₱290)
  • Garlic Sotanghon (₱195)
  • Chicken ala Kiev (₱445)
  • Conti’s Baked Salmon (₱545)

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Conclusion of Conti’s Menu Prices

In conclusion, Conti’s offers a diverse and delicious menu that caters to every palate. Whether you’re in the mood for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert, you’ll find something to satisfy your cravings at Conti’s.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the current Conti’s menu prices in the Philippines?

Conti’s menu prices in the Philippines range from ₱55 to ₱550, offering affordable options for every budget.

Does Conti offer vegetarian options?

Yes, Conti’s has a dedicated vegetarian menu with a variety of delicious options.

Can I make reservations at Conti’s?

Yes, Conti’s accepts reservations for both small and large groups.

Is Conti’s suitable for special occasions?

Absolutely! Conti’s is a popular choice for birthdays, anniversaries, and other celebrations.

Does Conti offer delivery services?

Yes, Conti provides delivery services for customers who prefer to enjoy their meals at home.

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