Happy Lemon Menu Prices in Philippines [Latest] 2024

Happy Lemon is a renowned bubble tea chain known for its innovative and refreshing beverages. With a diverse menu featuring a wide range of drinks, Happy Lemon caters to every taste bud. Whether you’re craving a classic milk tea or a fruity green tea, Happy Lemon has something for everyone.

The Happy Lemon menu is filled with delightful options, including the popular Wintermelon Series and the refreshing Fruit Series. Every drink is made with care to create a perfect mix of flavors and textures, making each sip a delight. Plus, Happy Lemon’s prices are fair, so it’s a top pick for bubble tea fans.

When you visit Happy Lemon, you’re not just getting a drink; you’re experiencing a taste sensation. With a commitment to quality and innovation, Happy Lemon continues to delight customers with its unique and flavorful beverages. So, the next time you’re craving a refreshing and satisfying drink, head to Happy Lemon and explore their menu.

Happy Lemon Menu Prices

Happy Lemon Menu Prices in Philippines

Offers a variety of menu items in the Philippines, including Toasties, Grapefruit Series, Mixed Fruit Series, Rock Salt & Cheese Series, Tiger Series, Fruit Series, Wintermelon Series, Pineapple Series, Waffle Series, Milk Tea Series, Yakult Series, and Smoothie Series.

Happy Lemon Mixed Fruit Series Menu

For a burst of fruity flavors, the Mixed Fruit Series at Happy Lemon is a must-try. Options include Mixed Fruit Green Tea, Mixed Fruit Green Tea with Rock Salt & Cheese, Mixed Fruit Green Tea with Aloe Vera, and Mixed Fruit Green Tea with Nata, offering a refreshing and colorful experience.

Mixed Fruit Series MenuPrice in ₱
Strawberry Pineapple Green Tea₱155
Mixed Berries Grapefruit Green Tea₱155
Passionfruit Grapes Green Tea₱155

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Happy Lemon Grapefruit Series

If you’re a fan of grapefruit, the Grapefruit Series at Happy Lemon is sure to please. Options include Grapefruit Green Tea, Grapefruit Green Tea with Rock Salt & Cheese, Grapefruit Green Tea with Aloe Vera, and Grapefruit Green Tea with Nata, offering a zesty and refreshing experience.

Grapefruit Series MenuPrice in ₱
Grapefruit Green Tea₱125
Grapefruit Frappe₱145
Grapefruit Cooler₱135

Happy Lemon Toasties Menu

For those looking for a quick and savory bite to complement their drink, Happy Lemon offers a variety of toasties. Options include Chicken Toastie, Ham & Cheese Toastie, Tuna Toastie, and Corn & Cheese Toastie, all perfect for a satisfying snack.

Toasties MenuPrice in ₱
Toasties Oreo₱105
Toaties Puff Pearls₱105

Happy Lemon Pineapple Series Menu

The Pineapple Series at Happy Lemon offers a refreshing twist to traditional green tea. Customers can enjoy Pineapple Green Tea, Pineapple Green Tea with Rock Salt & Cheese, Pineapple Green Tea with Aloe Vera, or Pineapple Green Tea with Nata, all bursting with tropical flavor.

Pineapple Series MenuPrice in ₱
Pineapple Cooler₱135
Pineapple Green Tea₱125
Pineapple Frappe₱145

Happy Lemon Wintermelon Series

Happy Lemon’s Wintermelon Series features drinks highlighting the distinct flavor of wintermelon, including classics like Wintermelon Milk Tea and innovative options like Wintermelon Milk Tea with Rock Salt & Cheese or Oreo.

Wintermelon Series MenuPrice in ₱
Wintermelon Milk Tea with pearls₱155
Wintermelon Lemonade₱145
Wintermelon with Rock Salt & Cheese₱165
Wintermelon Classic₱135

Happy Lemon Waffle Series

Happy Lemon’s Waffle Series features a selection of crispy and delicious waffles. Choose from Original Waffle, Chocolate Waffle, Matcha Waffle, or Blueberry Waffle, perfect for pairing with your favorite drink.

Waffle Series MenuPrice in ₱
Classic Waffle₱110
Oreo Waffle₱130
Chocolate Waffle₱120
Rock & Salt Cheese Dip₱50
Pork Floss Waffle₱165
Matcha Waffle₱120

Happy Lemon Milk Tea Series Menu

Milk tea lovers will find plenty to enjoy in the Milk Tea Series at Happy Lemon. Options include classic Milk Tea, Milk Tea with Rock Salt & Cheese, Milk Tea with Oreo, and Milk Tea with Pearl, all offering a rich and creamy indulgence.

Milk Tea Series MenuPrice in ₱
OG Milk Tea₱125
Roasted Milk Tea₱135
OG Milk Tea with Pearl₱145
Panda Pearl Milk Tea₱155
Power Puff Pearl₱155
Super Milk Tea₱175
Oreo Milk Tea₱175
Creamy Baby₱175

Happy Lemon Yakult Series Menu

For those looking for a probiotic boost, the Yakult Series at Happy Lemon is a great choice. Options include Yakult Green Tea, Yakult Black Tea, Yakult Lemon Green Tea, and Yakult Lemon Black Tea, providing a refreshing and healthful option.

Yakult Series MenuPrice in ₱
Strawberry Cooler with Yakult₱135
Lemon Cooler with Yakult₱135
Lemon Yakult Green Tea₱135

Happy Lemon Rock Salt & Cheese Series

The Rock Salt & Cheese Series at Happy Lemon offers a unique combination of savory and sweet flavors. Options include Green Tea with Rock Salt & Cheese, Black Tea with Rock Salt & Cheese, Lemon Yakult with Rock Salt & Cheese, and Cocoa with Rock Salt & Cheese, providing a tantalizing taste experience.

Rock Salt & Cheese Series MenuPrice in ₱
Jasmine Green Tea with Rock Salt & Cheese₱135
Coffee with Rock Salt & Cheese₱145
Matcha with Rock Salt & Cheese₱145
Milk Tea with Rock Salt & Cheese₱155
Cocoa with Rock Salt Cheese₱155
Strawberry with Rock Salt & Cheese₱165
Roasted Milk Tea with Rock Salt & Cheese₱165
Cocoa with Oreo Rock Salt & Cheese₱165

Happy Lemon Series Menu

In addition to their specialty series, Happy Lemon also offers a selection of classic beverages. Options include Green Tea with Honey, Black Tea with Honey, Lemon Yakult, and Cocoa, providing something for everyone.

Series MenuPrice in ₱
Grapes Lemon Cooler₱135
Passion Fruit Lemon Cooler₱135
Mixed Berries Lemon Cooler₱135
Lemon Green Tea Cooler₱125
Lemon Special Cooler₱125

Happy Lemon Smoothie Series

If you prefer your drinks blended, the Smoothie Series at Happy Lemon is sure to please. Options include Green Tea Smoothie, Black Tea Smoothie, Lemon Yakult Smoothie, and Cocoa Smoothie, offering a creamy and satisfying treat.

Smoothie Series MenuPrice in ₱
Grapes Smoothie₱145
Lemon Yakult Smoothie₱145
Passion Fruit Smoothie₱145
Milk Tea Smoothie₱145
Mixed Berries Smoothie₱145
Milo Dinosaur Smoothie₱155

Happy Lemon Tiger Series Menu

The Tiger Series at Happy Lemon features drinks with a bold and rich flavor profile. Bestsellers include Brown Sugar Milk Tea with Black Pearl, Brown Sugar Cocoa with Black Pearl, Brown Sugar Green Tea with Black Pearl, and Brown Sugar Lemon Yakult with Black Pearl, offering a satisfying and indulgent experience.

Tiger Series MenuPrice in ₱
Milk Tiger₱155
Tiger Milk Tea₱145

Happy Lemon Fruit Series

The Fruit Series at Happy Lemon features drinks infused with fresh fruit flavors. Options include Green Tea with Fresh Lemon, Black Tea with Fresh Lemon, Lemon Yakult with Fresh Lemon, and Cocoa with Fresh Lemon, offering a tangy and refreshing twist to your beverage.

Fruit Series MenuPrice in ₱
Grapes Green Tea₱125
Mixed Berries Green Tea₱125
Passion Fruit Green Tea₱125
Strawberry Green Tea₱125

Happy Lemon Menu Bestsellers and Their Prices

Happy Lemon’s bestsellers in the Philippines include the Brown Sugar Milk Tea with Black Pearl from the Tiger Series, the Wintermelon Milk Tea with Rock Salt & Cheese from the Wintermelon Series, and the Green Tea with Rock Salt & Cheese from the Rock Salt & Cheese Series. These drinks are loved by many for their delicious flavors and unique combinations.

  • Wintermelon with Rock Salt & Cheese (₱165)
  • Cocoa with Oreo Rock Salt and Cheese (₱165)
  • Lemon Yakult Smoothie (₱145)

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Conclusion of Happy Lemon Menu Prices

In conclusion, Happy Lemon mune prices offers a diverse menu of delicious and innovative beverages that cater to every palate. From classic milk teas to fruity green teas and indulgent smoothies, there’s something for everyone at Happy Lemon. The menu prices are reasonable, making it a popular choice among bubble tea enthusiasts in the Philippines.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the opening hours of Happy Lemon in the Philippines?

The opening hours may vary by location, but most Happy Lemon stores in the Philippines are open from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM.

Does Happy Lemon offer delivery services in the Philippines?

Yes, Happy Lemon offers delivery services in select areas of the Philippines. You can check their website or contact your nearest store for more information.

Are the prices mentioned inclusive of taxes?

No, the prices mentioned are exclusive of taxes. Taxes will be added to the total bill at the time of purchase.

Can I customize my drink at Happy Lemon?

Yes, you can customize your drink at Happy Lemon by choosing the sugar level, ice level, and toppings according to your preference.

Does Happy Lemon offer any loyalty program or rewards for frequent customers?

Yes, Happy Lemon offers a loyalty program called “Happy Points” where customers can earn points for every purchase and redeem them for free drinks or discounts.

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