KFC Menu Prices in Philippines [Updated] 2024

KFC is renowned for its crispy fried chicken, loved by fans worldwide. Their menu, known as KFC Menu, caters to a variety of tastes. From classic chicken buckets to unique sandwiches and wraps, KFCMenu has options for everyone.

The special blend of 11 herbs and spices, along with their cooking method, gives KFC’s chicken its distinct taste and texture. This secret recipe has made KFC a popular choice for tasty, fulfilling meals.

Whether you’re craving a quick snack or a full meal, KFCMenu has you covered. With their dedication to quality and taste, KFC continues to be a top choice in the fast-food industry.

KFC Menu Prices

KFC Menu Prices in Philippines

Discovering the diverse range of menu items at KFC Philippines is a delightful experience. From savory Sandwiches to hearty Fully Loaded Meals, satisfying Pastas and Bowls, tempting Snacks, and indulgent Desserts and Drinks, KFC has something for everyone.

KFC Secret Menu

Unlock a treasure trove of flavors with KFC’s Secret Menu. Explore the unique flavors of the Secret Recipe Fries or indulge in the legendary Double Down for an unparalleled gastronomic experience.

Secret MenuPrice in ₱
Cheezy Italian Famous Bowl Meal₱105
Cheezy Italian Sloppy Shots Combo₱225
Jr Original Recipe Double Down Rice Bowl Meal₱199
Original Recipe Triple Down Ala Carte₱289
Cheezy Italian Sloppy Shots₱200
Jr Original Recipe Double Down Rice Bowl Ala Carte₱179
Cheezy Italian Famous Bowl₱85
Original Recipe Triple Down Combo₱355

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KFC Fully Loaded Meals Menu

Savor the satisfaction in every bite with KFC’s Fully Loaded Meals. Indulge in meal sets that comprise a main dish, a side, and a drink. With choices like Fully Loaded, you’ll discover a combination that caters to your palate and satisfies your cravings.

Fully Loaded Meals MenuPrice in ₱
Double Down Fully Loaded Meal₱335
Shots Fully Loaded Meal₱249
Chicken Chops Fully Loaded Meal₱209
Cheezy Italian Zinger Steak Fully Loaded Meal₱265
Famous Bowl Fully Loaded Meal₱229
1-Pc Fully Loaded Meal₱189
2-Pc Fully Loaded Meal₱275

KFC Pasta and Bowls Menu

Craving a hearty meal? Try KFC’s Pastas and Bowls Menu. Options include Spaghetti, Chicken Spaghetti, or the KFC Bowl, in Original or Hot and Spicy. Each dish is a flavor explosion, guaranteed to please your taste buds.

Pasta and Bowls MenuPrice in ₱
Sisig Rice Bowl Meal₱175
Cheezy Italian Pasta₱85
Ala King Rice Bowl₱135
1-Pc Chicken Spaghetti Meal₱195
Spaghetti Super Platter₱179
Cheezy Italian Pasta Combo₱105
Sisig Rice Bowl₱135
Ala King Rice Bowl Meal₱175

KFC Bucket Meals Menu

Begin on a culinary adventure with KFC’s Bucket Meals. Delve into the world of flavors with options like the Original Recipe chicken. Designed for sharing, these meals are a tantalizing treat for all chicken enthusiasts.

Bucket Meals MenuPrice in ₱
6-Pc Bucket Meal with Rice, Fixins, Drinks, and Brownies₱735
8-Pc Bucket Meal with Rice, Drinks, and Spaghetti₱1150
6-Pc Bucket Meal with Rice and Drinks₱599
Bucket of 15₱1205
6-Pc Bucket Meal₱625
8-Pc Bucket Meal with Rice, Fixins, Drinks, and Brownies₱950
8-Pc Bucket Meal₱795
Bucket of 6 with Fixin Super Platter₱710
Cheezy Italian Zinger Steak Group for 4₱1020
6-Pc Bucket Meal with Rice, Drinks, and Spaghetti₱869
Bucket of 8 with Fixin Super Platter₱879
Bucket of 10₱805
Bucket of 6₱529
Cheezy Italian Zinger Steak Group for 3₱770
8-Pc Bucket Meal with Rice and Drinks₱729
Bucket of 20₱1609
Bucket of 6 with Spaghetti Platter₱659
Bucket of 10 with Super Platter₱1205
Bucket of 8₱649

KFC Signature Meals

Explore KFC’s Signature Meals, highlighting their best flavors. Enjoy classics like chicken meals with rice and a drink, or try the Zinger Steak with Rice and Drink for a tasty change.

Signature Meals MenuPrice in ₱
2-Pc Chicken Ala Carte₱199
1-Pc Chicken Meal with Mashed Potato₱175
Chicken Chops Meal₱105
Cheezy Italian Zinger Steak Combo₱190
1-Pc Chicken Meal with Soup₱175
1-Pc Chicken Meal₱129
Chicken Chops Combo₱129
2-Pc Chicken Meal with Fixin₱245
Ala King Zinger Steak Meal with Buttered Corn₱179
2-Pc Chicken Meal₱229
Cheezy Italian Zinger Steak Meal₱165
1-Pc Chicken Ala Carte₱99
Cheezy Italian Zinger Steak Ala Carte₱130
2-Pc Chicken Ala Carte₱199
Chicken Chops Ala Carte₱75

KFC Sandwiches Menu

Experience a symphony of flavors with KFC’s Sandwiches Menu. Sample the timeless Chicken Sandwich, the zestful Zinger Sandwich, or the cheesy delight of the Cheese Top Burger. Crafted with precision, each sandwich promises satisfaction.

Sandwiches MenuPrice in ₱
Chicken Cheeseburger Combo₱145
Chicken Cheeseburger₱75
Zinger Combo₱199
Cheezy Italian Twister Combo₱190
Original Recipe Double Down Combo₱265
Zinger Double Down Combo₱265
BBQ Bacon Snacker Combo₱189
Original Recipe Double Down Ala Carte₱205
Zinger Double Down Ala Carte₱205
BBQ Bacon Snacker₱120
Twister Combo₱165
Cheezy Italian Twister₱145
California Maki Twister₱120
Double Down Group Meal₱745

KFC Fixins and Extras

Elevate your meal with KFC’s Fixins and Extras Menu. Take your pick from Mashed Potato, Coleslaw, or Buttered Corn to complement your main dish. These sides add a delightful dimension to your dining experience.

Fixins and Extras MenuPrice in ₱
Fixin Platter₱245
Junior Bucket of Fries₱105
Extra Rice₱39
Extra Garlic Rice₱45
Extra Tomato Sauce₱40
Extra Cheeze Sauce₱40
Regular Gravy₱29
Large Gravy₱39
Hash Cup₱19
Mushroom Soup₱50

KFC Snacks Menu

For those moments between meals, KFC’s Snacks Menu is your go-to destination. Enjoy delectable treats like Chicken Pops, Cheesy Fries, or a comforting bowl of Creamy Tomato Soup. These snacks are perfect for a quick indulgence on the move.

Snacks MenuPrice in ₱
Famous Bowl Meal₱89
Large Shots Combo₱185
Shots Combo₱129
Famous Bowl₱75
Famous Bowl Super Platter₱289
Regular Shots₱79
Large Shots₱129

KFC Desserts and Drinks

Satisfy your sweet tooth with KFC’s Desserts and Drinks Menu. Indulge in delights like Chocolate Mousse, Brownie ala Mode, or a refreshing Soft Serve Sundae. Pair it with your favorite drink for a perfect ending to your meal.

Desserts and Drinks MenuPrice in ₱
Creamy Iced Coffee₱65
Unsweetened Iced Tea₱69
Royal Float₱55
Coke Zero Float₱55
Brownie Box₱135
Iced Black Coffee₱55
Coke Float₱55
Sprite Float₱55

KFC Menu Bestsellers and Their Prices

Discover KFC’s top crop in the Philippines! From the classic Bucket Meals to the flavorful Signature Meals and indulgent Secret Menu items, there’s something to satisfy every craving. These bestsellers showcase KFC’s dedication to quality and taste. Treat yourself today and experience the deliciousness of KFC!

  • KFC Fried Chicken (₱105)
  • Flavor Shots (₱78)
  • Hash Brown (₱37)
  • Zinger (₱155)

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Conclusion of KFC Menu Prices

In conclusion, KFC offers a wide range of menu options at affordable prices in the Philippines. Whether you’re in the mood for a quick snack or a satisfying meal, KFC has you covered.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the current KFC menu prices in the Philippines?

KFC menu prices range from ₱19 to ₱1609, offering a variety of options to suit different budgets and preferences.

Do KFC menu prices vary across locations in the Philippines?

Prices may differ slightly based on the location.

Can I customize my order at KFC?

Yes, KFC offers customization options for certain menu items.

Are there any special promotions or discounts available?

KFC often runs promotions and offers discounts on select menu items. Check their website or inquire at the store for current deals.

Does KFC offer delivery services in the Philippines?

Yes, KFC provides delivery services in certain areas. Check with your local store for availability and delivery charges.

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