Kimono Ken Menu Prices in Philippines [Updated] 2024

Kimono Ken is a famous Japanese restaurant chain known for its tasty Japanese dishes. The Kimono Ken menu offers a variety of choices, including soups, noodles, sushi, and more. It’s a favorite spot for people who love Japanese food in the Philippines.

The restaurant has a cozy and friendly atmosphere, perfect for enjoying a meal. Whether you’re stopping by for a quick lunch or a relaxed dinner, Kimono Ken provides a comfortable setting. The staff is welcoming, ensuring that customers have a pleasant dining experience.

Besides its great food and a nice ambiance, the Kimono Ken is also affordable. This makes it a popular option for those looking for delicious Japanese food that won’t break the bank. Whether you’re a fan of sushi, ramen, or teppanyaki, Kimono Ken has something delicious for you.

Kimono Ken Menu Prices

Kimono Ken Menu Prices in Philippines

Offers a wide range of menu items in the Philippines, including salads, sashimi & sushi, rice, curry rice & donburi, tempura, yakimono, desserts & drinks, soups & noodles, temaki & maki, ippinyori, teppanyaki, bento meal, and platters.

Kimono Ken Teppanyaki Menu

Sizzle your taste buds with Kimono Ken’s Teppanyaki dishes. Try the Beef Teppanyaki, Chicken Teppanyaki, or Seafood Teppanyaki for a delicious meal.

Teppanyaki MenuPrice in ₱
Moyashi Teppan₱175
Yasai Teppan₱185
Pork Teppan₱290
Ika Teppan₱340
Bacon Asparagus Maki₱365
Chicken Teppan₱315
Sakana Teppan₱315
Ebi Teppan₱485
Tuna Teppan₱440
Seafood Teppan₱530
Salmon Teppan₱565
Gyu Hireniku₱575
Rib Eye₱775

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Kimono Ken Salads Menu

Freshness meets taste with Kimono Ken’s salads. Enjoy the Kani Salad, Wakame Salad, or the light and refreshing Tofu Salad.

Salads MenuPrice in ₱
Cripsy Shake Salad₱400
Spicy Fresh Shake Salad₱400
Kimono Ken’s Salad₱405
Spicy Fresh Maguro Salad₱390
Unagi Salad₱520
Seafood Salad₱445
Gyu Hire Salad₱425
Chicken Teriyaki Salad₱370
Hiyashi Veg Salad₱370
Kani Salad₱305
Kani Kyuri Salad₱305

Kimono Ken Temaki & Maki

Savor the flavors of Kimono Ken’s Temaki and Maki rolls. Don’t miss out on the California Maki, Spicy Tuna Maki, or the Salmon Skin Temaki.

Temaki & Maki MenuPrice in ₱
Spicy Shake Temaki₱220
Dynamite Maki₱460
Tokyo Sunrise Roll₱425
Chicken Teriyaki Roll₱245
California Fry Maki₱230
Philadelphia Roll₱370
California Maki₱200
Kani Maki₱185
Tamgo Maki₱185
Spicy Maguro Roll₱245
Kani Temaki₱150
Unagi Maki₱445
Tekka Maki₱195
Kimono Roll₱330
Crazy Maki₱340
Futo Maki₱265
Spam Maki₱175
Ponchi Roll₱230
Sakura Roll₱390
California temaki₱170
Cowboy Roll₱230
Kappa Temaki₱145
Ebi Tempura Temaki₱235

Kimono Ken Soups & Noodles Menu

Indulge in flavorful Japanese soups and noodles at Kimono Ken. Try the Tonkotsu Ramen, Miso Ramen, or the comforting Udon and Soba noodles.

Soups & Noodles MenuPrice in ₱
Ebi Tempura Ramen₱405
Tonjiru Soup₱80
Tamgo Soup₱120
Vegetable Ramen₱235
Miso Tofu Ramen₱255
Zaru Soba₱280
Moyashi Ramen₱265
Shoyu Ramen₱300
Uni Spaghetti₱325
Gomoku Ramen₱395
Asparagus Mayo Spaghetti₱335
Hiyasahi Ramen Salad₱310
Niku Udon₱365
Niku Soba₱365
Curry Udon₱365
Seafood Yakiudon₱400
Seafood Yaki-Soba₱400
Yaki Udon₱295
Special Yaki-Udon₱415
Ebi Tempura Soba₱405
Miso Soup₱75

Kimono Ken Sashimi & Sushi

For sushi and sashimi lovers, Kimono Ken offers an array of choices. Try the Assorted Sashimi, Maguro Sashimi, or the Ebi Sushi for a delightful experience.

Sashimi & Sushi MenuPrice in ₱
Chirashidon with Miso Soup₱640
Sushi Moriawase with Miso Soup₱555
Shakedon with Miso Soup₱555
Ika Sahimi₱405
Shake Sashimi₱395
Creamy Spicy Tuna Sampler₱395
Creamy Spicy Salmon Sampler₱395
Creamy Spicy Tuna₱395
Creamy Spicy Salmon₱395
Sashimi Moriawase₱555
Tekka Shakedon with Miso Soup₱520
Tekkadon with Miso Soup₱475
Unagi Sushi₱445
Maguro Sashimi₱365
Kimono Roll₱330
Ika Sahimi₱405
Shake Sushi₱225
Ebiko Sushi₱150
Kani Sahimi₱185
Spam Musubi₱200
Maguro Sushi₱200
Spicy Maguro Sushi₱205
Spicy Shake Sushi₱225
Tamago Sushi₱140
Tamago Sashimi₱140
Ebiko Sashimi₱220

Kimono Ken Rice, Curry Rice and Donburi

Experience the rich flavors of Kimono Ken’s rice dishes. Try the Chicken Teriyaki Don, Beef Gyudon, or the flavorful Katsu Curry Rice.

Rice, Curry Rice and Donburi MenuPrice in ₱
Omu Rice₱225
Omu Curry Rice₱235
Kani Tamadon₱255
Sobor Chicken/Pork₱255
Pork Curry₱300
Shiromi Curry₱305
Chicken Curry₱320
Pork Teppan₱290
Chicken Katsudon₱315
Chicken Teppan₱315
Pork Shogadon₱265
Beef Curry₱350
Pork/Chicken Katsu Curry₱350
Ebi Katsudon₱370
Beef Teridon₱325
Chicken Teridon₱325
Ebi Katsu Curry₱485

Kimono Ken Ippinyori Menu

Explore a variety of Japanese appetizers with the Ippinyori menu. Enjoy classics like Gyoza, Yakitori, and Ebi Tempura.

Ippinyori MenuPrice in ₱
Chicken Cheese Roll₱265
Chicken Karaage₱315
Crunchy Chicken Teriyaki₱315
Tofu Steak₱300
Kani Fry₱240
Potato Croquette₱210
Crunchy Wasabi Wanton₱210
Nippon Style Hamburger Steak₱335
Tuna Tataki₱440
Sakan Fry₱245
Chicken Katsu₱275
Agedashi Tofu₱195

Kimono Ken Tempura Menu

Indulge in crispy and light Tempura at Kimono Ken. Choose from Shrimp Tempura or Vegetable Tempura for a delightful experience.

Tempura MenuPrice in ₱
Mixed Tempura Sampler₱310
Kani Tempura₱240
Kisu Tempura Asohos₱255
Kakiage Tempura₱250
Kakiage Tempura Special₱315
Ebi Tempura₱345
Asparagus Bacon Tempura₱365

Kimono Ken Bento Meal

Enjoy a complete meal with Kimono Ken’s Bento Meals. Try the Chicken Katsu Bento or the Salmon Teriyaki Bento for a satisfying meal.

Bento Meal MenuPrice in ₱
Bento 10 Grilled Salmon₱625
Bento 9 Gyu Hireniku₱610
Bento 8 Ebi Tempura₱400
Bento 7 Beef Misono₱460
Bento 6 Crunchy Chicken Teriyaki₱380
Bento 5 Chicken Teriyaki₱380
Bento 4 Yaki-Tori₱380
Bento 3 Tonkatsu₱315
Bento 2 Burger Steak₱380
Bento 1 Sakana Fry₱295

Kimono Ken Platters Menu

Perfect for sharing, Kimono Ken’s Platters are great for groups. Try the Sushi Platter or the Sashimi Platter for a delightful experience.

Platters MenuPrice in ₱
Gyoza Platters₱1155
Chicken Karaage Platter₱1155
Kani Fry Platter₱1050
California Bake₱1050
Sakana Fry Platter₱1050
Kkani Tempura Platter₱1050
Chahan Platter₱420
Yakitori Platter₱1260
Umami Salmon Sushi Bake₱1260
Tonkatsu Platter₱1260
Beef Teriyaki Platter₱1470
Kimono Ken Platter₱1520
California Royal Platter₱1575
Mixed Sushi Platter₱1680
Kimono Sushi Platter₱1680
Cherry Blossom Platter₱1785
Snowy Platter₱1890
Rainbow Platter₱1890
Chicken Teppan Platter₱1365
Deluxe Sushi Platter₱2050
Oishi Platter₱1730
Spicy Lovers Platter₱2255
California Rolls₱1315

Kimono Ken Yakimono Menu

Grilled to perfection, Kimono Ken’s Yakimono dishes are a must-try. Indulge in the Yakitori Set or the flavorful Yakiniku Set.

Yakimono MenuPrice in ₱
Pork Teriyaki₱280
Chicken Teriyaki₱315
Aspa Bacon Yaki₱370
Beef Teriyaki₱400
Beef Misono₱400
Grilled Salmon₱570
Unagi Kabayaki₱715
Gindara Teriyaki₱815

Kimono Ken Desserts & Drinks

End your meal on a sweet note with Kimono Ken’s desserts. Try the Matcha Ice Cream, Mochi Ice Cream, or the refreshing Green Tea.

Desserts & Drinks MenuPrice in ₱
Fresh Fruit Platters₱380
Mango Tempura Ala Mode₱205
Coffee Jelly₱140
Mango Ala Mode₱140
Kirin Beer₱135
Green Tea Jelly₱175
Banana Tempura Ala Mode₱175
Green Tea Shake₱120
Fresh Fruit Shakes₱120
Brewed Coffee₱120
Iced Coffee₱105
Kimono Ken’s Special₱105
Soft drinks in Can₱70
Bottled Iced Tea₱85
Bottled Water₱50

Kimono Ken Menu Bestsellers and Their Prices

Kimono Ken has a range of bestsellers that are loved by customers in the Philippines. These include the Tonkotsu Ramen, California Maki, and Chicken Teriyaki Don. If you’re looking for a taste of Japan in the Philippines, Kimono Ken is the place to be. Join us and experience the delicious flavors that keep our customers coming back for more.

  • California Bake (₱1050)
  • Umami Salmon Sushi Bake (₱1260)
  • Tofu Steak (₱300)

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Conclusion of Kimono Ken Menu Prices

In conclusion, Kimono Ken offers a wide range of delicious Japanese dishes at affordable prices. Whether you’re craving sushi, ramen, or teppanyaki, Kimono Ken has something for everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Kimono Ken offer delivery services?

Yes, Kimono Ken menu prices offer delivery services through their website and various food delivery apps.

Are the prices at Kimono Ken inclusive of taxes?

Yes, the prices listed on the menu are inclusive of taxes.

Does Kimono Ken have vegetarian options?

Yes, Kimono Ken offers a variety of vegetarian options on their menu.

Can I make reservations at Kimono Ken?

Yes, Kimono Ken accepts reservations for both small and large groups.

Are there any special promotions or discounts available at Kimono Ken?

Yes, Kimono Ken often runs special promotions and discounts, which can be found on their website or social media pages.

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