Krispy Kreme Menu Prices In Philippines [Latest] 2024

Krispy Kreme is like a doughnut superstar loved by people all over the world. Everyone knows it for its super yummy glazes and cool new doughnut ideas. People who love doughnuts adore this famous brand. In this article, we’re going to talk all about Krispy Kreme Menu Prices, especially in the Philippines, and spill the beans on the much-awaited Krispy Kreme Menu.

For doughnut experts in the Philippines, Krispy Kreme is not just a brand; it’s a delightful experience. From the moment you step into a Krispy Kreme menu store, the aroma of freshly baked treats welcomes you. The brand’s commitment to quality and innovation is evident in every bite, making Krispy Kreme a go-to destination for those seeking a sweet escape.

Let’s dive into the Krispy Kreme world together, exploring all the different types of doughnuts and finding out how much they cost. Whether you’re a doughnut expert or just trying it out, Krispy Kreme always has something delicious waiting for you. Stick around, and we’ll discover all the tasty details about Krispy Kreme Menu Prices in the Philippines.

Krispy Kreme Menu Prices

Krispy Kreme Menu Prices in Philippines

Discover the delightful line-up of menu items at Krispy Kreme, ranging from Featured Doughnuts and M&M’s Collection to Beverages, Perfect-together deals, Box Of 6 Doughnuts, Glazed Cake Bites, Original Kreme Shakes, and Chillers in the Philippines. Let’s dive into the details of Krispy Kreme’s menu.

Krispy Kreme M&M’s Collection Menu

Experience a fusion of flavors with Krispy Kreme’s M&M’s Collection. Discover unique M&M’s toppings on doughnuts, offering a delightful twist to your sweet cravings.

M&M’s Collection MenuPrice in ₱
Mixed Dozen M&M’s Collection₱654
Dozen M&M’s Collection₱840
Assorted Box of 16 Mini M&M’s₱369
Box of 6 M&M’s Collection₱420
Mixed Double Dozen M&M’s Collection₱1308
Box of 6 Mixed M&M’s Collection₱327
Double Dozen M&M’s Collection₱1680
Mixed Box of 16 Mini M&M’s₱339

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Krispy Kreme Box Of 6 Doughnuts Menu

Explore the joy of variety with Krispy Kreme’s Box of 6 Doughnuts menu. Choose from enticing bundles and customize your box to satisfy your cravings.

Box Of 6 Doughnuts Menu Price in ₱
Box of 6 Regular Assorted₱289
Box of 6 Premium Assorted₱339
Box of 6 Original Glazed Doughnuts₱219
Box of 6 Mixed Doughnuts₱269

Krispy Kreme Glazed Cake Bites Menu

Savor the goodness in bite-sized portions with Krispy Kreme’s Glazed Cake Bites. A perfect treat for those who enjoy a burst of flavor in a convenient and petite package.

Glazed Cake Bites MenuPrice in ₱
Bucket Glazed Cake Bites₱289
Cup of 8 Glazed Cake Bites₱89

Krispy Kreme Featured Doughnuts Menu

Indulge in a delightful selection of Krispy Kreme’s signature featured doughnuts. From classic glazes to innovative flavors, this menu promises a burst of sweetness in every bite.

Featured Doughnuts MenuPrice in ₱
One Dozen Assorted Doughnuts₱589
Double Dozen Assorted Doughnuts₱939
One Dozen Mixed Doughnuts₱489
Double Dozen Mixed Doughnuts₱839
One Dozen Original Glazed Doughnuts₱389
Double Dozen Original Glazed Doughnuts₱729

Krispy Kreme Chillers Menu

Beat the heat with Krispy Kreme’s Chillers Menu. Explore a variety of cold treats that provide a refreshing escape, with seasonal offerings to keep things exciting.

Chillers MenuPrice in ₱
Caramel Latte Chiller with Espresso₱159
Cookies & Kreme Chiller₱159
Strawberry Kreme Chiller₱159
White Mocha Chiller₱159
Original Kreme Chiller without Espresso₱159
Chocolate Chocolate Chiller₱159
Original Kreme Chiller with Espresso₱159
White Chocolate Chocolate Chiller₱159
Mocha Latte Chiller₱159
Coffee Jelly Chiller₱159
Mixed Berry Chiller 16oz₱180
Caramel Latte Chiller without Espresso₱159
Iced Blend Chiller (16oz)₱175
Milk Choco Chiller₱159
Cotton Candy Chiller₱169

Krispy Kreme Original Kreme Shakes

Immerse yourself in creamy delight with Krispy Kreme’s Original Kreme Shakes. Indulge in a range of shake varieties, each offering a rich and satisfying beverage experience.

Original Kreme Shakes MenuPrice in ₱
Salted Caramel Milkshake₱159
Dark Chocolate Milkshake₱159
Original Creme Milkshake₱159

Krispy Kreme Perfect Together Deals

Maximize your enjoyment with Krispy Kreme’s Perfect Together Deals. Pair your favorite doughnuts with beverages and experience a combination that delivers both satisfaction and value.

Perfect Together Deals MenuPrice in ₱
Dozen Original Glazed Doughnuts + Brew Box₱799
Perfect Together for 3 (Premium Assorted)₱444
Perfect Together for 3 (Original Glazed)₱369
Half Dozen Orig. Glazed Doughnuts + Brew Box₱659
Perfect Together for 3 (Regular Assorted)₱429
Half Dozen Pre-Assorted Doughnuts + Brew Box₱779
Dozen Pre-Assorted Doughnuts + Brew Box₱929
Brew Box Jr.₱569

Krispy Kreme Beverages Menu

Quench your thirst with Krispy Kreme’s diverse Beverages Menu. From hot coffees to chilled refreshments, find the perfect drink to accompany your doughnut indulgence.

Beverages MenuPrice in ₱
Signature Mocha₱139
Signature Kaffe Kreme₱139
Kremey Iced₱99
Signature Cold Brew₱109
Lemonade Iced Tea₱79
Kremey Latte₱129
Signature Classic₱99
Signature Cappuccino₱129
Signature Americano₱119
Signature Iced Glazed₱135
Almond Cold Brew₱139
Signature Brewed₱99
Signature Latte₱129
Signature Caramel₱139
White Mocha₱139
Strawberry Lemonade₱89
Original Lemonade₱79
Kremey OG₱119

Krispy Kreme Menu Bestsellers and Their Prices

Begin on a tasty adventure with Krispy Kreme’s bestsellers – the go-to treats loved by many in the Philippines. These favorites bring together flavors that have won over the hearts and taste buds of doughnut enthusiasts nationwide. Don’t miss out on the yummy fun! Head to Krispy Kreme Menu today and find out why everyone loves their tasty treats. Your taste buds are in for a delicious adventure in the world of Krispy Kreme!

  • One Dozen Original Glazed Doughnuts (₱449)
  • Double Dozen Original Glazed Doughnuts (₱839)
  • Double Dozen Assorted Doughnuts (₱1,079)

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Conclusion of Krispy Kreme Menu Prices

In conclusion, exploring the Krispy Kreme menu in the Philippines is not just a culinary experience but a journey into a world of sweetness and creativity. Whether you’re a fan of classics or enjoy experimenting with new flavors, Krispy Kreme has crafted a menu that caters to all tastes. Treat yourself to the joy of a perfectly glazed doughnut or indulge in the richness of a Kreme Shake – Krispy Kreme is where delightful moments are made.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the current Krispy Kreme menu prices in the Philippines?

Krispy Kreme menu prices in the Philippines span from ₱79 to ₱1680, ensuring there’s something sweet for every budget.

Is there an online ordering option available?

Krispy Kreme provides the convenience of online ordering, allowing you to browse the menu, customize your choices, and place your order with just a few clicks.

What are the delivery methods offered by Krispy Kreme?

Krispy Kreme offers various delivery methods, including in-store pickup and delivery services, ensuring flexibility to suit your preferences.

Is there a delivery fee, and how long does it take?

Delivery fees may vary, and the delivery time depends on factors such as location and order volume. Check with your local Krispy Kreme for specific details.

Does Krispy Kreme have any special offers or discounts?

Krispy Kreme frequently introduces special offers and discounts. Stay updated by checking their official website or in-store promotions for the latest deals

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