Landers Central Menu Prices in Philippines [Latest] 2024

Landers Central is a popular restaurant known for its diverse menu and friendly atmosphere. The menu at Landers Central offers a wide range of delicious dishes, including pizzas, burgers, salads, and drinks.

The restaurant is dedicated to using fresh, high-quality ingredients to ensure that every dish is flavorful. Whether you’re looking for a comforting cheeseburger or a gourmet pizza, Landers Central has something for everyone.

In addition to its delicious food, Landers Central offers a welcoming atmosphere that makes dining a pleasure. Whether you’re dining in with friends or getting takeout, Landers Central provides a cozy environment to enjoy your meal.

Landers Central Menu Prices

Landers Central Menu Prices in Philippines

The Philippines offers a wide menu selection, including Pasta and Salad, Burgers and Sandwiches, Fried Chicken and Combo Meals, Sides, Drinks, Pizza, and Doppio Cafe options.

Landers Central Fried Chicken and Combo Meals Menu

For fried chicken lovers, Landers Central offers a variety of options. Enjoy crispy chicken with your choice of sides. Try the Chicken Tenders Meal or Chicken and Waffles for a unique twist.

Fried Chicken and Combo Meals MenuPrice in ₱
Truffle Trio Meal₱279
8pc Chicken Bucket₱688
2pc Chicken + Rice + Drink₱263
2pc Chicken w/ Rice₱229
U.S. Angus Patty Peppered Steak + Drink₱286
Hickory Wings w/ Fries₱232
2pc Fiery Spicy Chicken w/ Rice₱189
U.S. Angus Patty Peppered Steak₱226
8pc Fiery Spicy Chicken Bucket₱712

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Landers Central Burgers and Sandwiches

Savor juicy burgers and flavorful sandwiches at Landers Central. Made with premium beef, fresh veggies, and savory sauces, these burgers are a must-try. Whether you crave a classic Cheeseburger or an adventurous Bacon Mushroom Melt, Landers Central has it all.

Burgers and Sandwiches MenuPrice in ₱
U.S. Cheesy Sausage Roll₱171
Chicken Roll-Up w/ Bacon₱171
U.S. Famous Beef Hotdog₱183
U.S. Famous Beef Hotdog + Drink₱289
U.S. Angus Beef Burger₱226
U.S. Beef Jalapeno Cheese Hotdog + Drink₱325
U.S. Beef Jalapeno Cheese₱217
New Cheesy Smoked Hotdog₱171
Spinach Lasagna₱332
New Jalapeno w/ Cheesy Bacon Dog₱275
New Jalapeno w/ Beef Chili Dog₱263
U.S. Angus Beef Burger + Drink₱286

Landers Central Pizza Menu

Enjoy a taste of Italy with Landers Central’s pizza selection. Crafted with fresh ingredients and baked to perfection, these pizzas cater to every palate. From classic Pepperoni to unique Vegetarian options, Landers Central has a pizza for everyone.

Pizza MenuPrice in ₱
N.Y. Cheese Deluxe Slice w/ Drink₱184
Creamy Shrimp Pesto Pizza Slice w/ Drink₱208
Garlic Four Cheese Pizza Slice w/ Drink₱208
Manhattan Supreme Pizza Slice w/ Drink₱190
Brooklyn Bomber Slice Pizza w/ Drink₱190
N.Y. Smoked Bacon Mushroom Slice w/ Drink₱208
Margherita Pizza₱874
Bronx Pepperoni Pizza Slice w/ Drink₱190
N.Y. Cheese Deluxe Pizza₱624
Creamy Shrimp Pesto Pizza₱861
Half N.Y. Cheese / Bacon Mushroom₱861
Whole Manhattan Supreme Pizza₱743
Bronx Pepperoni Pizza₱743
Brooklyn Bomber Pizza₱743
N.Y. Smoked Bacon Mushroom Pizza₱861
Garlic Four Cheese Pizza₱795
Half N.Y. Cheese / Pepperoni₱743
Half Bacon Mushroom / Pepperoni₱861

Landers Central Pastas and Salad

Opt for a lighter option with Landers Central’s pasta and Salad menu. Choose from classics like Spaghetti Bolognese or Fettuccine Alfredo, or enjoy a refreshing Caesar or Greek Salad.

Pastas and Salad MenuPrice in ₱
Creamy Truffle Pasta w/ Grilled Chicken₱232
Mixed Green Raspberry Vinaigrette Salad₱236

Landers Central Doppio Cafe

Coffee enthusiasts will love Landers Central’s Doppio Cafe Menu. Choose from a variety of coffee options, including Espresso and Latte, to complement your meal.

Doppio Cafe MenuPrice in ₱
Cafe Americano 12oz₱99
White Chocolate Frappe₱179
Taro Frappe₱179
Hot Chocolate 12oz₱113
Classic Milk Tea₱137
Mocha Latte 12oz₱165
Machiato Caramel 12oz₱170
Tropical Passion Fruit Tea₱155
Cafe Latte 12oz₱125
Cappuccino 12oz₱125
Brewed Coffee₱85
Espresso Double Shot 60mL₱59
Honey Dew Frappe₱179
Wintermelon Milk Tea₱160

Landers Central Sides Menu

Complement your meal with delicious sides at Landers Central. From crispy French Fries to golden Onion Rings, these sides are perfect with any main dish. Don’t miss the indulgent Mozzarella Sticks or Garlic Parmesan Fries.

Sides MenuPrice in ₱
Gravy 2oz₱12
US Crinkle Cut Fries₱75
Cavendish Fries₱89

Landers Central Drinks Menu

Quench your thirst with Landers Central’s Drinks Menu. From soft drinks to milkshakes, there’s a beverage for every taste. Pair your meal with the perfect drink for a satisfying experience.

Drinks MenuPrice in ₱
Real Leaf Tea₱64
Royal Orange in Can₱64
Coke Reg in Can₱64
Minute Maid₱64
Sprite in Can₱64
Bottled Water₱42

Landers Central Menu Bestsellers and Their Prices

Landers Central’s bestsellers in the Philippines, like the irresistible Pepperoni Pizza and classic Cheeseburger, are crafted to perfection for a delightful dining experience. Don’t miss other favorites such as the Chicken Tenders Meal and Fettuccine Alfredo. Visit Landers Central to savor these culinary delights firsthand.

  • Half N.Y. Cheese / Pepperoni (₱743)
  • 2pc Chicken w/ Rice (₱229)
  • Bronx Pepperoni Pizza (₱743)
  • N.Y. Smoked Bacon Mushroom Pizza (₱861)

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Conclusion of Landers Central Menu Prices

In conclusion, Landers Central offers a wide variety of delicious food at affordable prices. Whether you’re craving pizza, burgers, pasta, or salad, you’re sure to find something you love on the menu. Visit Landers Central today and enjoy a great meal with friends and family!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are the menu prices at Landers Central inclusive of taxes?

Yes, the menu prices at Landers Central are inclusive of taxes.

Does Landers Central offer delivery services?

Yes, Landers Central offers delivery services. You can order online or through their mobile app.

Are there any vegetarian choices available on the menu?

Yes, Landers Central offers a variety of vegetarian options, including vegetarian pizza and veggie burgers.

Can I customize my order at Landers Central?

Yes, you can customize your order at Landers Central to suit your preferences. Simply inform the staff of your preferences!

Does Landers Central have any special promotions or discounts?

Yes, Landers Central often has special promotions and discounts. Check their website or social media pages for the latest offers.

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