Mesa Menu Prices in Philippines [Updated] 2024

Mesa is a popular restaurant in the Philippines, known for its tasty Filipino dishes. The Mesa Menu has a wide variety of options, making sure there’s something for everyone. Whether you like seafood, meat, or vegetables, Mesa has a dish you’ll love.

The restaurant has a cozy and friendly atmosphere, perfect for both casual meals and special celebrations. Every dish is made with care, showcasing the rich flavors of Filipino cuisine. Mesa stands out because of its quality and the way each dish is presented.

With locations all over the Philippines, Mesa is a favorite for both locals and tourists. The great food and interesting menu keep people coming back. Ready to explore the Mesa Menu? Let’s check out the delicious options and their prices for 2024.

Mesa Menu Prices

Mesa Menu Prices in Philippines

Offers a variety of menu items in the Philippines, including Appetizers, Sisig, Bangus Belly, White Shrimp, Tilapia, Pork, Vegetable, Rice, Crispchon, Beverages, Soup, Salad, Baby Squid, River Shrimp Swahe, Beef, Chicken, Noodles, Sodas, Desserts, and Grab & Go Meals in the Philippines.

Mesa Appetizer Menu

Kickstart your meal with some delightful appetizers. From the crispy and savory Chicharon Bulaklak to the unique flavors of Tinapa Roll, Mesa’s appetizers are the perfect way to whet your appetite.

Appetizer MenuPrice in ₱
Baked mussels with cheese₱335
Baked scallops₱260
Tinapa roll₱185
Hito flakes on spoon₱235
Chicken adobo flakes₱215

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Mesa Bangus Belly Menu

Bangus belly dishes are rich and savory, perfect for fish lovers. From grilled to ala pobre, the bangus belly at Mesa is always a satisfying choice for a hearty meal.

Bangus Belly MenuPrice in ₱
Daing with tons of garlic₱355

Mesa Salad Menu

Fresh and flavorful, Mesa’s salads are a treat. Enjoy the tangy Ensaladang Mangga or the refreshing Paco Salad, perfect for those who want a lighter start to their meal.

Salad MenuPrice in ₱
Shrimp tofu salad₱310
Pomelo salad₱260
Mangga salad₱135
Ensaladang talong₱95

Mesa Soup Menu

Soup is a comforting start to any meal. At Mesa, you can expect traditional Filipino soups that warm the heart. Whether you crave the sour tang of Sinigang or the rich flavors of Bulalo, there’s something to satisfy every soup lover.

Soup MenuPrice in ₱
Sinigang in pineapple or guava (bangus belly)₱385
Sinigang salmon head₱375
Chicken binaural₱375
Sinigang in pineapple or guava (hipon)₱395
Hipon sa tanglad₱390
Sinigang in pineapple or guava (baboy)₱350
Beef ribs Malaga₱415

Mesa Sisig Menu

Sisig is a Filipino classic, and Mesa does it justice. Whether you prefer pork, chicken, or bangus, the sizzling sisig at Mesa is sure to please with its savory and spicy kick.

Sisig MenuPrice in ₱
Tofu sisig₱170
Pork sisig₱230
Sisig in a pouch₱240

Mesa Baby Squid

For those who love seafood, the baby squid dishes are a must-try. Mesa’s baby squid in olive oil or stuffed squid options are packed with flavor and perfectly cooked to tender perfection.

Baby Squid MenuPrice in ₱
In olive oil₱385
Own ink₱355

Mesa River Shrimp Swahe

Shrimp dishes are a highlight at Mesa. Whether garlic buttered or salt and pepper, the river shrimp swahe options are succulent and bursting with flavor.

River Shrimp Swahe MenuPrice in ₱
Crispy fried₱325
Salted and spicy₱325

Mesa’s White Shrimp Menu

For a slightly different take on shrimp, Mesa’s white shrimp dishes offer unique and delicious flavors, from lemon butter to garlic sauce, catering to all shrimp enthusiasts.

White Shrimp MenuPrice in ₱
Salted and spicy₱365
In lemon butter₱385
In salted egg₱435

Mesa Tilapia Menu

Tilapia is a versatile fish, and Mesa offers several delicious preparations. Whether grilled, fried with mango salsa, or cooked in coconut milk, tilapia lovers will find their favorite here.

Tilapia MenuPrice in ₱
Seafoods mix in chili₱610
Inihaw sampler₱995
Escabeche tilapia₱465
Crispy boneless tilapia₱455
Blue marlin belly₱350
Pinirito sampler₱995
All meat₱810
All seafood₱890

Mesa Beef Menu

Hearty and satisfying, the beef menu has something for everyone. Enjoy traditional dishes like Beef Kare-Kare or Beef Caldereta, rich in flavor and perfect for a filling meal.

Beef MenuPrice in ₱
Mesa braised beef₱450
Crispy tadyang₱425
Karekare shortribs₱405
Karekare beef and tripe₱410

Mesa Chicken Menu

Mesa’s chicken dishes are both varied and tasty. From the grilled flavors of Chicken Inasal to the rich taste of Chicken Adobo, there’s a chicken dish to suit every palate.

Chicken MenuPrice in ₱
Garlic Chicken₱285
Bbq honey patis₱180
Chicken pork adobo ₱280

Mesa Pork Menu

From crispy to savory, the pork dishes are sure to delight. Crispy Pata and Lechon Kawali are among the favorites, offering crispy skin and tender meat that’s hard to resist.

Pork MenuPrice in ₱
Pork bbq fried ₱155
Boneless patatim₱615
Grilled liempo mesa way₱240
Crispy boneless pata special₱595
Crispy boneless pata family₱790
Pork bbq grilled₱155

Mesa Noodles

A staple in Filipino cuisine, Mesa’s noodle dishes are comforting and delicious. Whether you’re in the mood for Pancit Canton or Palabok, these noodle dishes are perfect for any occasion.

Noodles MenuPrice in ₱
Sotanghon guisado₱225
Pancit canton₱225

Mesa Sodas Menu

To quench your thirst, there’s a selection of sodas available. Simple yet refreshing, these sodas are the perfect accompaniment to your meal.

Sodas MenuPrice in ₱
Bottled water₱95
Soda in can₱75
Coke/Coke zero/Sprite/Royal₱50

Mesa Vegetable

For those who prefer greens, Mesa offers a variety of vegetable dishes. Enjoy the classic Pinakbet or the spicy kick of Gising-Gising, perfect for a healthier option.

Vegetable MenuPrice in ₱
Gising gising₱205
Laing 2 way₱205
Kangkong lechon₱175
Pinakbet bangus belly₱225
Mixed Vegetables₱205
Pinakbet crispy pork₱215
Pinakbet vegetarian₱185

Mesa Crispchon Menu

A signature dish at Mesa, the Crispchon is a must-try. This crispy roasted pork dish is perfect for sharing and offers a unique and delicious experience.

Crispchon MenuPrice in ₱
Served two ways- 1/2₱3045
Served two ways- 1/4₱1680
Served two ways- 1/6₱1220
Served two ways- whole₱5985

Mesa Grab & Go Meals

Perfect for those on the move, the Grab & Go meals are convenient and tasty. These quick meals, like the Chicken Inasal Rice Bowl, ensure you can enjoy Mesa’s flavors even on a busy schedule.

Grab & Go Meals MenuPrice in ₱
Grilled liempo, laing, rice₱175
Tinapa roll, chicken kaldereta, rice₱185
Garlic chicken, laing, rice₱165
Tinapa roll, karekare beef and tripe, rice₱199
Tinapa roll, binagoongan ni kaka, Rice₱185
Tinapa roll, sisig, rice₱149

Mesa Rice Menu

No Filipino meal is complete without rice. Choose from plain, garlic, or adobo rice to complement your main dishes, ensuring a well-rounded meal.

Rice MenuPrice in ₱

Mesa Beverages Menu

A range of beverages to complement your meal. From iced tea to fresh buko juice, there’s a drink for everyone to enjoy alongside their meal.

Beverages MenuPrice in ₱
Fresh buko₱110
Green mango₱105
Fresh buko in a shell₱100
Ripe mango₱105
Sagot gulaman₱90
San mig light₱85
Soda in can₱80
Bottomless iced tea₱85
Bottomless lemonade₱85
Bottled water₱50
Hot tea₱60
Brewed coffee₱70
Pale pilsen₱80

Mesa Desserts

End your meal on a sweet note with Mesa’s desserts. From the creamy Leche Flan to the refreshing Halo-Halo, there’s a dessert to satisfy every sweet tooth.

Desserts MenuPrice in ₱
Ginataang halohalo family₱120
Leche flan₱65
Turon with ice cream₱80
Mais con hielo₱95
Cassava cake₱95
Saba con hielo₱95
Crispy leche flan₱70
Chilled ginataang castañas family₱120
Ginataang halohalo solo₱70
Chilled ginataang castañas solo₱70

Mesa Menu Bestsellers and Their Prices

Mesa’s bestsellers in the Philippines feature the Crispchon, Chicken Inasal, Sisig, and Kare-Kare. These dishes showcase Mesa’s culinary excellence and are loved by many. Experience Mesa’s bestsellers today and discover why Mesa is a favorite among Filipino food enthusiasts.

  • Garlic Chicken (₱285)
  • Pork sisig (₱230)
  • Karekare shortribs (₱450)

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Conclusion of Mesa Menu Prices

Mesa offers a comprehensive menu that caters to all tastes and preferences. Whether you’re craving seafood, meat, or vegetables, Mesa has something to satisfy your appetite. With reasonable prices, Mesa is the perfect choice for both casual dining and special occasions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the price range for dishes at Mesa? 

The price range at Mesa menu prices varies, with appetizers starting at PHP 180 and main courses going up to PHP 1,700 for the Crispchon.

Are there vegetarian options available at Mesa? 

Yes, Mesa menu prices offer several vegetarian options such as Pinakbet, Laing, and Gising-Gising.

Can I order Mesa dishes for delivery? 

Yes, Mesa offers delivery services through various food delivery platforms in the Philippines.

What are the bestsellers at Mesa? 

Some of the bestsellers include Crispy Pata, Baby Squid in Olive Oil, and Beef Kare-Kare.

Does Mesa have meal options for individuals on the go? 

Yes, Mesa has Grab & Go meals that are perfect for those who need a quick and convenient meal option.

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