Papa John’s Menu Prices in Philippines 2024 [Updated]

Papa John’s is a famous pizza brand known for its fresh and tasty food. The Papa John’s Menu has a lot of choices, from classic pizzas to special ones with unique toppings. They focus on using better ingredients, which makes their pizzas stand out.

Started in 1984 by John Schnatter, Papa John’s quickly became popular for its quality. Their slogan, “Better Ingredients, Better Pizza,” reflects their commitment to high standards. Now, they have many locations worldwide, including in the Philippines.

In the Philippines, Papa John’s keeps customers happy with a variety of menu options and regular promotions. You can always expect a delicious meal whether you eat in or get delivery. Their focus on quality and new flavors keeps them popular in the pizza world.

Papa John’s Menu Prices

Papa John’s Menu Prices in Philippines

In the Philippines offers a diverse menu featuring Specialty Pizza, pasta, Promos, Classic Pizza, Sides, and Drinks.

Papa John’s Specialty Pizza Menu

For those who want to try something a bit different, Papa John’s specialty pizzas are a great choice. These include unique combinations like the BBQ Chicken Bacon Pizza and Mexican Ole Pizza, offering exciting and bold flavors that stand out from the usual pizza fare.

Specialty Pizza MenuPrice in ₱
Super Papa (12″ Pizza)₱599
All the Meats (14″ Pizza)₱699
Chicken Bacon Ranch (12″ Pizza)₱519
Chicken Bacon Ranch (9″ Pizza)₱369
Super Papa (9″ Pizza)₱439
All the Meats (9″ Pizza)₱439
Super Papa (14″ Pizza)₱699
Chicken Bacon Ranch (14″ Pizza)₱699
All the Meats (12″ Pizza)₱599

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Papa John’s Pastas Menu

If you’re in the mood for pasta, Papa John’s has got you covered. Delicious options like Chicken Alfredo Pasta and Baked Ziti offer a great alternative to pizza, providing hearty and satisfying meals that are perfect for any pasta lover.

Pastas MenuPrice in ₱
Cheese & Bacon in Red Sauce (Platter)₱327
Cheesy Mushroom (Platter)₱327
Three Cheese (Platter)₱327
Spinach Alfredo (Platter)₱485
Cheese & Bacon in Red Sauce (Single)₱129
Carbonara (Single)₱129
Oven-baked Classic Spaghetti (Single)₱129
Oven-baked Creamy Crab Meat (Single)₱129
Cheesy Mushroom (Single)₱119
Three Cheese (Single)₱119
Oven-baked Creamy Cheesy Pasta (Single)₱129
Spinach Alfredo (Single)₱159

Papa John’s Sides Menu

No pizza meal is complete without some tasty sides. Whether you’re a fan of Garlic Knots or Cheese Sticks, Papa John’s has a variety of sides to complement your meal, adding that extra touch to make your dining experience more enjoyable.

Sides MenuPrice in ₱
Chicken Aloha Bites₱169
Cheese Pizzadilla₱279
Ultimate Cheese Calzone₱109
Pepperoni & Mushroom Calzone₱239
Creamy Spinach₱185
Herbed Parmesan Breadsticks₱189
All Veggie Calzone₱239
Taco Pizzadilla₱279
Chicken & Mushroom Calzone₱239
Cookies and Cream Bites₱169
Creamy Spinach Bites₱169
Ham and Cheese Delight Calzone₱109
Truffle Chicken Pizzadilla₱279

Papa John’s Classic Pizza

Papa John’s classic pizzas are a hit among traditional pizza lovers. Options like Pepperoni Pizza and Cheese Pizza offer the timeless flavors we all know and love, providing a comforting and familiar taste experience.

Classic Pizza MenuPrice in ₱
Cheese Trio (9″ Pizza)₱369
Pepperoni (12″ Pizza)₱599
Cheese Trio (12″ Pizza)₱519
The Hawaiian (9″ Pizza)₱439
Simply Cheese (9″ Pizza)₱369
Pepperoni (14″ Pizza)₱699
Simply Cheese (14″ Pizza)₱629
The Hawaiian (12″ Pizza)₱599
Garden Special (14″ Pizza)₱629
Cheese Trio (14″ Pizza)₱629
Pepperoni (9″ Pizza)₱439
Simply Cheese (12″ Pizza)₱519
The Hawaiian (14″ Pizza)₱699
Garden Special (12″ Pizza)₱519

Papa John’s Drinks Menu

Quench your thirst with a selection of beverages. From soft drinks to iced tea, Papa John’s offers a variety of drinks to accompany your meal, ensuring you have a refreshing option to pair with your delicious pizza and sides.

Drinks MenuPrice in ₱
Royal Tru-Orange (Sigle Served)₱59
Coca-Cola (Can)₱59
Royal Tru-Grape (Can)₱59
Sprite (Can)₱59
Royal Tru-Grape (Sigle Served)₱59
Coca-Cola ZERO (Can)₱59
Royal Tru-Orange (Can)₱59
Sprite (Sigle Served)₱59
Coca-Cola ZERO (Sigle Served)₱59
Coca-Cola (Sigle Served)₱59
Bottled Water (Small)₱35
Coca-Cola (1.5L)₱109
Coca-Cola ZERO (1.5L)₱109

Papa John’s Promos

Keep an eye out for special deals to get the most bang for your buck. Promos like Buy 1 Get 1 Free Pizza and Family Meal Deals provide great value and allow you to enjoy more of what you love, making it easier to feed a crowd or indulge a bit more.

Promos MenuPrice in ₱
Big Time Sarap Feast (12” Pizza Edge, Chicken Wings, 3 Solo Pasta & Coke)₱1099
Better Half Puppy Love (12″ Pizza 2 Flavors & 1.5 L Coke)₱458
Better Half Great Love (12″ Pizza with 2 flavors, 6 Pcs Chicken Wings &1.5 L Coke)₱795
PREMIUM DUO SAVERS (Two 12″ Premium Pizzas)₱699
Mama’s Flavored Chicken Wings (6-Pcs New Flavored Chicken Wings)₱329
Big Time Sarap Feast (9” Pizza, Chicken Wings & Coke)₱729
Big Time Sarap Feast (2 12″ Pizza, 2 Chicken Wings,3 Solo Pasta & Coke)₱1569
Cheddar Edge Duo (Two 12″ Specialty Pizzas)₱839
Better Half True Love (2 12″ Pizza with 2 flavors, 3 Solo Pasta & 1.5 L Coke)₱1034
Premium Super DUO (Two 14″ Large Pizzas & 1.5L Coke)₱1145
Big Time Sarap Feast (12” Pizza Thin Crust, Chicken Wings, 2 Solo Pasta & Coke)₱879
3 SUM Bundle (THREE Boxes of 12″ Pizzas w/ Free 1.5L Coke)₱1335

Papa John’s Menu Bestsellers and Their Prices

Papa John’s in the Philippines has a lineup of menu favorites that customers adore. These include the classic Pepperoni Pizza, The Works Pizza, Garlic Knots, and Chicken Alfredo Pasta. Don’t miss out on their Buy 1 Get 1 Free Pizza offer. Treat yourself to a Papa John’s meal today and see why it’s a top choice for pizza lovers.

  • Pepperoni Pizza (₱439)
  • Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza (₱369)

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Conclusion of Papa John’s Menu Prices

In Conclusion, Papa John’s in the Philippines offers many delicious options, from classic pizzas to mouth-watering pasta and sides. With competitive prices and regular promos, it’s easy to see why this pizza chain remains a favorite. Whether you’re dining in or ordering for delivery, Papa John’s has something to satisfy your cravings.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the current prices for Papa John’s pizzas in the Philippines?

The prices for Papa John’s pizzas in the Philippines range from PHP 349 for a Regular Cheese Pizza to PHP 899 for a Family-sized Super Papa Pizza.

Does Papa John’s offer any special deals or promotions?

Yes, Papa John’s frequently offers promotions such as Buy 1 Get 1 Free Pizza and Family Meal Deals starting at PHP 999.

What are some of the bestsellers at Papa John’s in the Philippines?

Some of the bestsellers include the Pepperoni Pizza, The Works Pizza, Garlic Knots, and Chicken Alfredo Pasta.

Are there vegetarian options available at Papa John’s?

Yes, Papa John’s menu prices offer vegetarian options such as the Garden Fresh Pizza and Cheese Pizza.

Can I order Papa John’s for delivery in the Philippines?

Absolutely! Papa John’s offers delivery services throughout the Philippines, allowing you to enjoy their delicious food from the comfort of your home.

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