Popeyes Menu Prices in Philippines [Latest] 2024

Popeyes, the flavor magician loved by Filipinos, is where every meal becomes a taste adventure. More than just a fast-food stop, Popeyes in the Philippines is like a flavorful friend, ready to surprise your taste buds with a mix of delicious treats. With its delicious history and commitment to quality, Popeyes is not just a place to eat; it’s an invitation to a tasty journey that brings joy to every bite.

In the Philippines, Popeyes isn’t just about meals; it’s about quality and history. When you step into Popeyes, the mouthwatering aroma of signature dishes like the irresistible Chicken Crunch greets you. It’s more than a quick bite; it’s an atmosphere filled with the thrill of great food.

In this article, we’ll delve into the diverse Popeyes menu in the Philippines, exploring the tempting options and highlighting the bestsellers that have solidified Popeyes’ place as a household name among Filipino food enthusiasts. Get ready to embark on a journey where taste, affordability, and variety converge in a unique and unforgettable dining experience.

Popeyes Menu Prices

Popeyes Menu Prices in Philippines

The Philippines offers a diverse array of menu items, spanning Buckets and Bundles, the famous Popeyes Chicken Crunch, tempting Burgers, classic Popeyes Chicken, delightful Breakfast Sammies, finger-licking Chicken Tenders, scrumptious Desserts and Drinks, signature Sides, mouthwatering Biscuits and Pancake, and even the unique Popeyes Spaghetti.

Popeyes Chicken Menu

The heart of Popeyes lies in its diverse chicken menu. From classic fried chicken to unique recipes that showcase culinary expertise, every piece is a testament to Popeyes’ commitment to excellence.

Chicken MenuPrice in ₱
1-PC Chicken + Rice₱94
1-PC Chicken + Spaghetti₱148
1-Pc Chicken + Rice + Fries + Drink₱158
2-Pc Chicken + Rice₱186
1-PC Chicken + Rice + Drink₱118
1-PC Chicken + Spaghetti + Drink₱173
1-PC Chicken + Spaghetti + Biscuit +Drink₱209
1-PC Chicken + Rice + Drink₱205
2-PC Chicken + Biscuit + Drink₱250

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Popeyes Buckets and Bundles Menu

Planning a gathering or a family meal? Popeyes has you covered with their Buckets and Bundles menu, offering a variety of portions to suit your needs. It’s a convenient and delicious way to share the joy of Popeyes with loved ones.

Buckets and Bundles MenuPrice in ₱
8-PC Chicken Bucket₱579
6-PC Chicken Bucket₱471
6-PC Bundle A₱756
6-PC Bundle B₱702
8-PC Bundle B₱945
8-PC Bundle A₱1026

Popeyes Chicken Crunch Menu

For those craving the crispy goodness of fried chicken, the Popeyes Chicken Crunch menu is a feast for the senses. Each bite is a symphony of flavors, with the perfect blend of spices and crunchiness that Popeyes is renowned for.

Chicken Crunch MenuPrice in ₱
Chicken Meal₱270
Chicken Crunch Ala Carte₱99
Chicken Trio with Biscuit₱293
Chicken Trio with Rice₱293

Popeyes Breakfast Sammies Menu

Kickstart your day with Popeyes’ Breakfast Sammies, a delightful array of breakfast options that cater to various tastes. From classic choices to innovative combinations, there’s something for everyone.

Breakfast Sammies MenuPrice in ₱
Chicken Burger and Ham Sammie₱185
Meaty and Ham Sammie₱162
Bacon and Egg Sammie₱162

Popeyes Burgers Menu

Bite into the goodness of Popeyes with their flavorful burgers. Each burger is a work of art, featuring high-quality ingredients that make every bite a memorable experience.

Burgers MenuPrice in ₱
Chicken French Quarter + Fries + Drink₱223
Chicken French Quarter₱176
Fish Burger + Fries + Drink₱187
Shrimp Burger + Fries + Drink₱198
Chicken Burger + Fries + Drink₱132
U.S. Spicy Chicken Sandwich + Fries + Drink₱230
U.S. Spicy Chicken Sandwich Ala Carte₱185
Shrimp Burger₱155
Fish Burger₱144
Chicken Burger₱76

Popeyes Chicken Tenders

If you prefer a more handheld option, Popeyes Chicken Tenders are the perfect choice. Tender and juicy, these delights are perfect for those on the go.

Chicken Tenders MenuPrice in ₱
3-Pc Chicken Tenders + Biscuit + Drink₱174
3-PC Tenders Ala Carte₱126
10-PC Tenders Ala Carte₱374
3-Pc Chicken Tenders + Rice + Drink₱174
3-Pc Chicken Tenders + Fries + Drink₱180

Popeyes Biscuit and Pancake

Indulge your sweet tooth with Popeyes’ Biscuit and Pancake options. These delectable treats are the perfect way to round off your meal on a sweet note.

Biscuit and Pancake MenuPrice in ₱
Fluffy Pancake Caramel Ala Mode + Drink₱141
Fluffy Pancake Chocolate Ala Mode + Drink₱141
Fluffy Pancake Chocolate Ala Mode₱119
Fluffy Pancake Caramel Ala Mode₱119
Honey Biscuit₱51
Fluffy Pancake₱88
Fluffy Pancake + 1pc Mild Chicken + Drink₱189
Box of 3 Assorted Biscuit₱165
Hazelnut Biscuit₱62
Fluffy Pancake + Drink₱105
Fluffy Pancake + 1 PC Chicken Ala Carte₱169
White Chocolate Biscuit₱62
Box of 3 Honey Biscuit₱139
Fluffy Pancake + 1pc Spicy Chicken + Drink₱196
Box Of 6 Honey Biscuits₱270
Fluffy Pancake + 1 PC Spicy Chicken Ala Carte₱174

Popeyes Signature Sides Menu

Complement your main course with Popeyes’ signature sides. From Cajun fries to mashed potatoes, each side dish is crafted to perfection, enhancing your overall dining experience.

Signature Sides MenuPrice in ₱
Large Cajun Fries₱100
Cajun Rice₱62
Medium Mac ‘n’ Cheese Hot Pops₱131
Family Mac ‘n’ Cheese Hot Pops₱239
White Rice₱40
Regular Mac ‘n’ Cheese Hot Pops₱77
Regular Cajun Fries₱61
Medium Cajun Fries₱81

Popeyes Desserts and Drinks

Complete your Popeyes dining experience with their tempting desserts and refreshing drinks. From pies to beverages, there’s a delightful option for every palate.

Desserts and Drinks MenuPrice in ₱
Bottled Water₱45
Coke Zero₱57
Iced Tea₱67
Choco Sundae₱54
Caramel Sundae₱54
Coke Float₱71
Cinnamon Apple Pie₱70

Popeyes Spaghetti Menu

Popeyes adds a unique twist to the classic spaghetti, infusing it with their signature flavors. It’s a must-try for those looking to explore the diverse offerings on the menu.

Spaghetti MenuPrice in ₱
Spaghetti + Drink₱93
Spaghetti Ala Carte₱68
Spag Fam Fave₱265

Popeyes Menu Bestsellers and Their Prices

Indulge in a culinary journey with Popeyes’ bestsellers, a medley of flavors that will enchant your taste buds. Whether it’s the tempting Chicken Crunch Combo, satisfying Family Size Buckets and Bundles, iconic Popeyes Burger, or the convenient Chicken Tenders Snack Box, Popeyes guarantees an extraordinary dining experience. Ready for a taste adventure? Dive into Popeyes and discover a world of culinary bliss in every bite!

  • Chicken Meal (₱270)
  • Cajun Fries (₱61 to (₱100)
  • Shrimp Burger (₱155)

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Conclusion of Popeyes Menu Prices

In conclusion, Popeyes in the Philippines is not just a fast-food chain; it’s an experience that tantalizes the taste buds. The diverse menu, coupled with affordable prices, makes it a favorite among food enthusiasts. Whether you’re a fan of classic fried chicken or adventurous enough to try unique offerings, Popeyes has something for everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the current Popeyes menu prices in the Philippines?

If you’re curious about Popeyes menu prices in the Philippines, they typically range from ₱40 to ₱1026.

Do Popeyes menu prices vary across different locations in the Philippines?

Prices may vary slightly based on location, but Popeyes strives to maintain consistency in pricing.

Can I customize my order at Popeyes?

Absolutely! Popeyes allows customization of orders to cater to individual preferences.

Are there any promotions or discounts available on Popeyes menu items?

Popeyes frequently runs promotions and offers, so it’s worth checking their website or app for the latest deals.

Is Popeyes available for delivery in the Philippines?

Yes, Popeyes offers delivery services, providing the convenience of enjoying their delicious offerings at home.

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