Potato Corner Menu Prices in Philippines [Update] 2024

Potato Corner Nestled in the heart of the Philippines, Potato Corner is a snack haven, redefining the potato experience. From crispy Flavored Fries to inspired Korean bites, it’s a flavorful journey. The menu, more than a list, promises taste adventures with global influences and local flair. Whether you crave classics or the latest thrill, Potato Corner’s menu is your ticket to surprise and delight.

Beyond snacks, Potato Corner transforms munching into a real food journey. They’re not just a brand; they’re your everyday flavor companion. With inventive flavors, unique combos, and a dedication to top-notch quality, Potato Corner’s menu isn’t just snacks; it’s a gateway to a world where every bite tells a story of innovation, love, and the extraordinary.

Potato Corner Menu Prices

Potato Corner Menu Prices in Philippines

Begin on a flavor-filled journey in the heart of the Philippines with Potato Corner’s menu, offering more than just prices it’s an entry to an exceptional snacking adventure. From tempting Korean Flavors to the satisfying crunch of Flavored Fries, each item guarantees both taste satisfaction and budget-friendly delight. Whether it’s the kick of Super Chicken Pop, the festive Holiday Flavors, or the comforting crunch of R. Lapid Chicharon, Potato Corner’s menu prices cater to every palate and pocket. Indulge in exciting flavors without breaking the bank and let Potato Corner redefine your snacking experience.

Potato Corner Flavored Tea Menu

Quench your thirst with Potato Corner’s Flavored Tea Menu. Discover unique blends that complement the savory notes of their snacks, creating a harmonious taste experience.

Flavored Tea MenuPrice in ₱
Wintermelon (330ml)₱35
Yuzu (330ml)₱35
Jasmine (330ml)₱35

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Potato Corner Korean Flavors Menu

Transport your taste buds to Korea with Potato Corner’s Korean Flavors. Explore the tantalizing taste profiles of kimchi, bulgogi, and other Korean-inspired flavors that add an international twist to your snacking experience.

Korean Flavors MenuPrice in ₱
Korean Flavor in Mega₱135
Korean Flavor in Giga₱215
Korean Flavor in Tera₱245
Korean Flavor in Jumbo₱110

Potato Corner Super Chicken Pop

For those who crave more than just potatoes, Potato Corner’s Super Chicken Pop is a game-changer. Crispy, juicy, and available in an array of flavors, these bite-sized delights are a testament to Potato Corner’s commitment to variety.

Super Chicken Pop MenuPrice in ₱
Super Chicken Pop – Snack₱120
Super Chicken Pop – Solo₱109
Super Chicken Pop – Meal₱175

Potato Corner Flavored Fries Menu

The star of the show Potato Corner’s Flavored Fries. Golden and crunchy exterior, tender and light within, brimming with deliciousness. From classic cheese to adventurous truffle, discover the myriad of choices that make Potato Corner’s Flavored Fries an irresistible treat.

Flavored Fries MenuPrice in ₱
Giga Fries₱215
Tera Fries₱245
Jumbo Fries₱100
Mega Fries₱135

Potato Corner Holiday Flavors Menu

Celebrate the season with Potato Corner’s Holiday Flavors. From festive spices to seasonal twists, these limited-time offerings add a touch of joy to your snacking repertoire.

Holiday Flavors MenuPrice in ₱
Honey Butter₱110
Queso De Bola₱110

Potato Corner Specialty Fries

Elevate your snacking experience with Potato Corner’s Specialty Fries. From truffle parmesan to barbecue bacon, these unique combinations showcase Potato Corner’s dedication to pushing flavor boundaries.

Specialty Fries MenuPrice in ₱

Potato Corner Flavored Popcorn

Experience the marriage of crunch and flavor with Potato Corner’s Flavored Popcorn. From classic butter to exotic spice, each kernel is a burst of delight that keeps you reaching for more.

Flavored Popcorn MenuPrice in ₱
Flavored Popcorn Sour Cream₱130
Flavored Popcorn BBQ₱130
Flavored Popcorn Cheese₱130

Potato Corner Flavored Nachos Menu

Crunchy nachos meet Potato Corner’s signature flavors in this menu delight. Perfect for sharing or indulging on your own, Potato Corner’s Flavored Nachos redefine snacking.

Flavored Nachos MenuPrice in ₱
Flavored Nachos Ranch O’ Cheddar₱80
Flavored Nachos Hickory BBQ₱80
Flavored Nachos Rosemary and Olive₱80
Tera Mix 4: 1 Large Fries, Chicken Pop Solo, Loopy, Waffle Fries₱320
Tera Mix 2: 1 Large Fries, Chicken Pop Solo, Jojos, Waffle Fries₱320
Tera Mix Combo₱375
Tera Mix 5: 1 Large Fries, Chicken Pop Solo, Loopy, Tater Tots₱320
Tera Mix 1: 1 Large Fries, Chicken Pop Solo, Jojos, Loopy₱320
Tera Mix 3: 1 Large Fries, Chicken Pop Solo, Jojos, Tater Tots₱320
Tera Mix 6: 1 Large Fries, Chicken Pop Solo, Tater Tots, Waffle Fries₱320

Potato Corner R. Lapid Chicharon

Adding a touch of tradition, Potato Corner collaborates with R. Lapid Chicharon to bring you the authentic taste of Filipino chicharrón. Indulge in the crunchiness of these pork cracklings that perfectly complement Potato Corner’s menu.

R. Lapid Chicharon MenuPrice in ₱
Chicharon Cocktail (50g)₱80
Chicharon Bits (20g)₱38
Chicharon with Laman (145g)₱155

Potato Corner Menu Bestsellers and Their Prices

Ready to find your new favorites? Dive into Potato Corner’s Bestsellers in the Philippines from classic treats to popular picks, each bite promises unbeatable satisfaction. Join the happy snack enthusiasts who love these bestsellers. Treat yourself to the joy and flavor try Potato Corner’s top picks today, and let your taste buds enjoy a snacking experience like no other!

  • Giga Fries (₱215)
  • Mega Fries (₱135)
  • Loopys Fries (₱100)

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Conclusion Of Potato Corner Menu Prices

In conclusion, Potato Corner’s menu prices in the Philippines offer a culinary adventure that goes beyond the ordinary. With an array of flavors, textures, and international inspirations, Potato Corner continues to captivate the taste buds of snack enthusiasts across the country.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the current Potato Corner menu prices in the Philippines?

The Potato Corner menu offers a range, with prices falling between ₱35 and ₱375.

What makes Potato Corner’s Super Chicken Pop unique?

Potato Corner’s Super Chicken Pop stands out for its bite-sized portions, flavorful coatings, and a diverse range of exciting flavors.

Are there seasonal items on Potato Corner’s menu?

Yes, Potato Corner introduces Holiday Flavors during festive seasons, providing a limited-time selection for customers.

Can I customize my order with specific flavors at Potato Corner?

Absolutely! Potato Corner encourages customization, allowing customers to create their own unique flavor combinations.

How can I stay updated on new additions to Potato Corner’s menu?

Follow Potato Corner on social media or visit their website for the latest updates on menu additions and promotions.

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