Romantic Baboy Menu Prices In Philippines [Updated] 2024

Romantic Baboy takes center stage in the culinary narrative of this gastronomic haven. As you step into Romantic Baboy, the air is thick with expectation. The Romantic Baboy menu unfolds a correlation of flavors, showcasing the culinary expertise that defines this beloved restaurant.

Nestled in the heart of the Philippines, Romantic Baboy isn’t just a dining experience; it’s a journey through a spectrum of tastes. Each item on the menu is a testament to the chef’s dedication to delivering an unforgettable culinary adventure. From sizzling grills to simmering stews, every dish on the Romantic Baboy menu is a carefully crafted masterpiece, enticing food enthusiasts from all walks of life.

What sets Romantic Baboy apart is not just its menu but the ambiance that accompanies it. The restaurant exudes a warmth that transforms a mere meal into a memorable occasion. Whether you’re a solo diner seeking a moment of indulgence or a group of friends celebrating, Romantic Baboy sets the stage for culinary delight and conviviality.

Romantic Baboy Menu Prices

Romantic Baboy Menu Prices In Philippines 

Romantic Baboy, the menu prices are crafted with everyone in mind, making sure that the joy of enjoying their tasty dishes is within reach for all. In the world of Romantic Baboy, tasty food and pocket-friendly prices work together seamlessly. It gives you an experience that not only pleases your taste buds but also keeps your budget happy.

Romantic Baboy Simple Set Menu

For those who appreciate simplicity without compromising on flavor, the Simple Set menu at Romantic Baboy offers a delightful selection of dishes that capture the essence of uncomplicated perfection.

Simple Set MenuPrice in ₱
Herb Samgyupsal Set₱229
Daepae Simple Set₱229
Moksal Simple Set₱229
Galbi Simple Set₱269
Spicy Beef Simple Set₱269
Bulgogi Simple Set₱269
Woosamgyup Simple Set₱269

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Romantic Baboy Full Set

Indulge in the Full Set exhibition, a culinary symphony featuring an array of grilled delights paired with complementary side dishes. This menu is designed for those who seek a complete and lavish dining experience.

Full Set MenuPrice in ₱
Spicy Beef Full Set₱390
Woosamgyup Full Set₱370
Daepae Full Set₱350
Moksal Full Set₱350
Bulgogi Full Set₱390
Galbi Full Set₱390
Samgyupsal Full Set₱350

Romantic Baboy Noodle Menu

Slurp your way to satisfaction with the Romantic Baboy’s Noodle menu. From classic favorites to innovative creations, each noodle dish is a celebration of texture and taste.

Noodle MenuPrice in ₱
Seafood Ramyun₱180
Bibim Kooksoo₱250

Romantic Baboy Rice Menu

Rice enthusiasts can rejoice with Romantic Baboy’s Rice menu, presenting a variety of aromatic rice dishes that complement the restaurant’s signature grilled offerings.

Rice MenuPrice in ₱
Kimchi Fried Rice₱220
Beef Fried Rice₱250
Plain Rice₱40
Egg Fried Rice₱220

Romantic Baboy Stew Menu

When comfort is on the menu, the Stew menu at Romantic Baboy promises rich, hearty concoctions that warm the heart and tantalize the taste buds.

Stew MenuPrice in ₱
Gochujang Jjigae₱300
Dwenjang Jjigae₱300
Kimchi Jjigae₱300
Sundubu Jjigae₱300
Budae Jjigae₱330

Romantic Baboy Drinks

Quench your thirst with the extensive Drinks menu. Whether you prefer refreshing coolers, flavorful shakes, or classic beverages, Romantic Baboy has a drink for every mood.

Drinks MenuPrice in ₱
San Miguel Light Beer₱80
Royal True Orange₱50
Pilsen Beer₱80
Coke Regular₱50
Green Mango Shake₱110
Mango Shake₱110
Apple Juice₱70
Coke Zero₱50
Pineapple Juice₱70
Orange Juice₱70
Watermelon Shake₱110

Romantic Baboy Extras Menu

Add a touch of indulgence to your meal with Romantic Baboy’s Extras menu. From mouthwatering appetizers to unique sides, these extras elevate your dining experience.

Extras MenuPrice in ₱
Extra Herb Samgyupsal 100g₱90
Kimchi 100g₱50
Odeng 100g₱100
Japchae 100g₱100
Fried Egg₱25
Yukjeon 100g₱100
Plain Rice₱40
Ssamjang Sauce₱15

Romantic Baboy Bestsellers and Their Prices

Romantic Baboy’s bestsellers aren’t just meals; they’re experiences crafted with precision and passion. Each dish tells a tale of culinary mastery, ensuring that every bite is a moment to savor. From the sizzling grills to the hearty stews, these bestsellers embody the essence of what makes Romantic Baboy a go-to destination for those seeking not just a meal, but a memorable dining journey.

  • Romantic Bulgogi (₱269 to ₱390)
  • Gochujang Jjigae (₱300)
  • Woosamgyup (₱269 to ₱370)

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Conclusion Of Romantic Baboy Menu Prices

In conclusion, Romantic Baboy is more than just a restaurant; it’s a culinary journey that captivates the senses. With a menu designed to cater to diverse tastes and a commitment to delivering exceptional dining moments, Romantic Baboy stands as a culinary gem in the heart of the Philippines. Join us, dine in, and make delightful memories at Romantic Baboy, it’s an open invitation to relish a dining experience like no other.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the current Romantic Baboy menu prices in the Philippines?

The current Romantic Baboy menu prices range between ₱15 and ₱390, catering to diverse budgets and culinary preferences.

Can I make reservations at Romantic Baboy?

Yes, reservations are recommended, especially during peak hours, to secure your spot in this popular dining destination.

Are the menu prices at Romantic Baboy reasonable?

Despite its culinary excellence, Romantic Baboy is known for offering reasonably priced menus, making it accessible to a broad audience.

Do they offer takeout or delivery services?

Yes, Romantic Baboy provides takeout and delivery services, allowing you to enjoy their delectable dishes in the comfort of your home.

What makes Romantic Baboy’s dining experience unique?

The combination of a cozy ambiance, a diverse menu, and a commitment to culinary excellence sets Romantic Baboy apart, creating a memorable dining experience.

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