Serenitea Menu Prices in Philippines [Latest] 2024

Serenitea is well-known for its amazing tea experiences. With a really special menu, it’s not your average place. Creating this unique Serenitea Menu makes us proud. Each item shows how dedicated we are. We want to give you more than just a drink it’s like a journey for tea lovers all across the Philippines.

Founded in 2008, starting with a cozy spot in San Juan, Serenitea has grown into one of the country’s largest and most beloved bubble tea hubs. From its modest beginnings, it has evolved into a haven for those in search of high-quality teas and delightful flavors, carving out a unique space in the diverse palette of the Philippine culinary scene.

Step into the inviting atmosphere of our locations, where each cup holds a narrative, and every sip embodies years of dedication to the art of tea. Come along as we delve into the latest offerings on the Serenitea menu prices, inviting you to experience a sensory adventure that goes beyond the ordinary tea-drinking experience.

Serenitea Menu Prices

Serenitea Menu Prices in Philippines

Explore Serenitea’s diverse offerings in the Philippines, ranging from Rice Meals to Fruiteas, Chicken Delight, Yakult Drinks, and more. Crafted to cater to unique taste preferences, Serenitea’s menu delights tea enthusiasts at affordable prices, making it a go-to destination for delightful flavors.

Serenitea Chicken Delight Menu

Experience a savory symphony in Serenitea’s Chicken Delight Menu, where every morsel is a testament to the culinary prowess that defines the essence of Serenitea.

Chicken Delight MenuPrice in ₱

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Serenitea Chaffee Series

Explore the artistry of beverages with Serenitea’s Chaffee Series Menu, featuring specialty drinks meticulously crafted with precision to elevate your tea experience.

Chaffee Series MenuPrice in ₱
Matcha Espresso Medium₱160
Hokkaido Espresso Large₱160
Okinawa Espresso Medium₱140
Matcha Espresso Large₱180
Hokkaido Espresso Medium₱140
Okinawa Espresso Large₱160

Serenitea Rice Meal Menu

Satisfy your cravings with Serenitea’s Rice Meal Menu, a selection of hearty dishes meticulously crafted to perfection, promising a fulfilling dining experience.

Rice Meal MenuPrice in ₱
Chicken Chops Rice₱125
Yakiniku Beef Rice₱165
Ginger Beef Rice₱165
Chicken Wings Rice₱170
Creamy Chicken Rice₱185
Curry Chicken Rice₱185
Imperial Beef Rice₱185

Serenitea Snacks Menu

Begin on a delightful journey through Serenitea’s Snacks Menu, where each bite complements your tea sessions, creating the perfect pairing for your moments of indulgence.

Snacks MenuPrice in ₱
Chicken Wings₱185
Squid Balls 5pcs₱110
Fries N Dip₱135
Meat Balls 5pcs₱100
Pepper Corn₱75
Thai Tofu₱110
Pepper Pork₱110
Squid Balls 3pcs₱70
Onion Rings₱150
Potato Rounds₱80
Fish N Fries₱199
French Beans₱60
Spicy Squid₱150
Pepper Tofu₱75
Chicken Chops₱85
Meat Balls 3pcs₱65

Serenitea Fruiteas Menu

Revel in a burst of fruity goodness with Serenitea’s Fruiteas Menu, a refreshing treat that tantalizes your taste buds with vibrant and natural flavors.

Fruiteas MenuPrice in ₱
Lychee Medium₱95
Green Apple Medium₱95
Calamansi Large₱105
Lychee Large₱105
Cranberry Medium₱100
Mango Large₱105
Calamansi Medium₱95
Mango Medium₱95
Cranberry Large₱110
Grapefruit Medium₱100
Green Apple Large₱105
Grapefruit Large₱110

Serenitea Yakult Drinks Menu

Discover the harmonious blend of tea and health in Serenitea’s Yakult Drinks Menu, where each sip is a delightful fusion of deliciousness and wholesome goodness.

Yakult Drinks MenuPrice in ₱
Greenapple Large₱125
Calamansi Medium₱110
Lychee Medium₱110
Grapefruit Medium₱110
Lychee Large₱125
Mango Medium₱110
Calamansi Large₱125
Grapefruit Large₱125
Mango Large₱125
Greenapple Medium₱110

Serenitea Caffeine-Free

For those seeking a soothing experience without the buzz, Serenitea’s Caffeine-Free Menu is thoughtfully designed to cater to your preference, ensuring a tranquil tea experience.

Caffeine-Free MenuPrice in ₱
Honey Calamansi Large₱110
Taro Lover Medium₱110
Winter Frost Large₱110
Wintermelon Sweet Medium₱80
Winter Frost Medium₱110
Wintermelon Sweet Large₱90
Honey Calamansi Medium₱100
Taro Lover Large₱120

Serenitea Handcrafted Tea

Witness the artistry of tea unfold with Serenitea’s Handcrafted Tea Menu, showcasing carefully curated blends that exemplify Serenitea’s dedication to excellence and craftsmanship.

Handcrafted Tea MenuPrice in ₱
Hong Kong Mt Medium₱130
Thai Mt Medium₱130
Hong Kong Mt Large₱140
Thai Mt Large₱140

Serenitea Espresso Menu

Indulge in the bold and aromatic flavors of Serenitea’s Espresso Menu, a collection that promises a rich and invigorating coffee experience for coffee enthusiasts.

Espresso MenuPrice in ₱
Cafe Latte M₱125
Americano M₱120
Toffee Latte M₱150
Coffee Frost / Mocha Latte M₱140

Serenitea Arctic Slush Menu

Beat the heat with Serenitea’s Arctic Slush Menu, a delightful fusion of flavors and chill that provides a refreshing escape on warm days.

Arctic Slush MenuPrice in ₱
Espresso Medium₱145
Mocha Medium₱155
Hokkaido Large₱165
Okinawa Medium₱155
Mocha Large₱165
Hokkaido Medium₱155
Okinawa Large₱165
Toffee Large₱175
Toffee Medium₱165
Cookie Mocha Medium₱165
Cookie Mocha Large₱175
Espresso Large₱155

Serenitea Freshly Brewed Tea

Immerse yourself in the authentic essence of tea with Serenitea’s Freshly Brewed Tea Menu, a testament to Serenitea’s unwavering dedication to preserving the true flavors of tea.

Freshly Brewed Tea MenuPrice in ₱
Assam Black Tea Medium₱70
Osmanthus Oolong Tea Large₱80
Earl Grey Black Tea Medium₱70
Osmanthus Oolong Tea Medium₱70
Jasmine Green Tea Large₱80
Earl Grey Black Tea Large₱80
Jasmine Green Tea Medium₱70
Assam Black Tea Large₱80

Serenitea Ice Cream Drinks

Experience the best of both worlds with Serenitea’s Ice Cream Drinks Menu, a divine fusion where creamy indulgence intertwines with the flavorful notes of tea.

Ice Cream Drinks MenuPrice in ₱
Cocoa Cookies & Cream₱145
Winter Snow₱110
Choco Cookies Mt₱145
Taro Snow₱160
Cookies & Cream Mt₱145

Serenitea Milk Tea Menu

Embark on a flavor adventure with Serenitea’s signature Milk Tea Menu, a crowd-pleaser that captures the very essence of Serenitea’s tea craftsmanship.

Milk Tea MenuPrice in ₱
Emperor Medium₱100
Black Dragon Medium₱95
Hokkaido Medium₱100
Okinawa Medium₱100
Royal Large₱105
Nagasaki Large₱110
Emperor Large₱110
Wintermelon Large₱110
Okinawa Large₱110
Assam Large₱105
Jasmine Medium₱95
Black Dragon Large₱105
Assam Medium₱95
Jasmine Large₱105
Royal Medium₱95
Nagasaki Medium₱100
Wintermelon Medium₱100
Hokkaido Large₱110

Serenitea Fingers Snacks Menu

For a quick and satisfying bite, indulge in Serenitea’s Fingers Snacks Menu, providing a selection of delectable treats perfectly crafted to complement your tea time with a burst of flavor.

Fingers Snacks MenuPrice in ₱
Squid Balls 3pcs₱70
Meat Ball 3pcs₱65
Pepper Corn₱75
Pepper Tofu₱75
French Beans₱60
Meat Ball 5pcs₱100
Squid Balls 5pcs₱110
Potato Rounds₱80
Fries N Dip₱135
Pepper Pork₱110
Onion Rings₱150
Spicy Squid₱150
Thai Tofu₱110
Fish N Fries₱199

Serenitea Chocolate Drinks

Indulge your sweet tooth with the luscious offerings from Serenitea’s Chocolate Drinks Menu, a delightful blend where the richness of chocolate meets the aromatic goodness of tea.

Chocolate Drinks MenuPrice in ₱
Malty Choco Mt Medium₱140
Chocolate Mt Large₱130
Chocoa Frost Large₱145
Choco Royal Mt Medium₱120
Chocolate Mt Medium₱120
Chocoa Frost Medium₱135
Milo Dino Medium₱110
Milo Dino Large₱120
Choco Royal Mt Large₱130
Malty Choco Mt Large₱150

Serenitea Rice Meals Menu

Experience culinary fulfillment with Serenitea’s Rice Meals Menu. Where each dish is crafted with care to satisfy your hunger and elevate your dining experience.

Rice Meals MenuPrice in ₱
Yakiniku Beef Rice₱165
Chicken Chops Rice₱125
Curry Chicken Rice₱185
Imperial Beef Rice₱185
Pepper Pork Rice₱150
Chicken Wings Rice₱170
Creamy Chicken Rice₱185
Ginger Beef Rice₱165

Serenitea Chicken Snacks Menu

Indulge in the goodness of chicken with Serenitea’s Chicken Snacks Menu, offering a variety of flavorful options that are sure to satisfy your cravings for savory delights.

Chicken Snacks MenuPrice in ₱
Chicken Chops₱85
Wings (6pcs)- Italian/ Mexican Oriental₱185
Chicken Delight- Western/ Formosa/ Thai/ Persian₱140

Serenitea Matcha Drinks

For matcha enthusiasts, Serenitea’s Matcha Drinks Menu unveils a dedicated selection of delights infused with the rich and distinct flavors of matcha, offering a taste of Japanese tea culture.

Matcha Drinks MenuPrice in ₱
Uji Pyramid Slush Medium₱140
Matcha Latte Medium₱140
Green Tea Slush Medium₱140
Uji Pyramid Slush Large₱155
Matcha Latte Large₱155
Green Tea Slush Large₱155

Serenitea Menu Bestsellers and Their Prices

Discover the crowd-pleasers at Serenitea with our Menu Bestsellers in the Philippines. From signature Milk Tea to tantalizing Fruiteas and savory Chicken Delight, each item embodies the essence of Serenitea’s culinary excellence. Join us on a flavorful journey try Serenitea today and experience the best in every sip.

  • Brown Sugar Fresh Regular Milk (₱165)
  • French Beans (₱121)
  • Midnight Matcha (₱192)
  • Royal Milk Tea (₱132)

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Conclusion of Serenitea Menu Prices

In conclusion, Serenitea’s menu in the Philippines unfolds as a tapestry of diverse flavors and culinary craftsmanship. Each sip and bite reflects Serenitea’s dedication to providing a memorable and satisfying experience for its patrons.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the current Serenitea menu prices in the Philippines?

You’ll find a range of delightful options, with prices varying between ₱40 and ₱199.

Can I customize my tea order at Serenitea?

Absolutely! Serenitea encourages customization to cater to individual preferences, ensuring your tea experience is tailored to perfection.

Are there seasonal offerings on the menu?

Indeed, the Serenitea menu prices introduces seasonal items throughout the year, keeping the menu dynamic and exciting.

Do they offer vegan options?

Serenitea proudly caters to everyone, with a selection of vegan-friendly items to ensure a delightful experience for all.

How often does Serenitea update its menu?

Serenitea embraces innovation, periodically updating its menu to introduce new and exciting options for its valued customers.

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