S&R Pizza Menu Prices in Philippines [Latest] 2024

S&R Pizza Menu Prices pave the way for a flavorful adventure in the Philippines. Beyond mere numbers, these prices signify an affordable passage to a world of taste and variety. From classic pizzas to gourmet creations, each menu item carries a price tag that ensures satisfaction without breaking the bank.

In the heart of the Philippines, S&R Pizza introduces an introduction where affordability meets indulgence. S&R Pizza Menu Prices are more than figures; they’re an open invitation to explore a menu that caters to diverse tastes, promising a delicious journey for every palate.

Join us in unraveling the essence of S&R Pizza, where the introduction isn’t just a start; it’s the doorway to a gastronomic experience that’s both pocket-friendly and palate-pleasing.

S&R Pizza Menu Prices

S&R Pizza Menu Prices in Philippines

S&R Pizza recognizes the diversity in taste preferences, and as we explore the menu, it’s essential to grasp the variations in prices. Understanding the regional nuances and how they affect the cost of your favorite S&R Pizza is crucial for an informed dining experience.

S&R Pizza Classic Pizza Menu

The heart and soul of S&R Pizza lie in its classic pizzas. From the traditional Margherita to the crowd-pleasing Pepperoni, explore the timeless classics on the menu. Get ready for a visual feast as we detail the unique toppings and sizes available, all while keeping an eye on the price tags.

Classic Pizza MenuPrice in ₱
18″ Garlic Shrimp Pizza₱692
18″ Combo Pizza₱692
18″ Pepperoni Pizza₱692
18″ Cheese Pizza₱626

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S&R Pizza New York Salisbury Steak

Starting with a hearty choice, the New York Salisbury Steakat S&R Pizza combines flavors that satisfy both steak and pizza enthusiasts. From classic Salisbury Steak to innovative combinations, let’s delve into the options and their corresponding prices.

New York Salisbury Steak MenuPrice in ₱
New York Salisbury Steak₱109

S&R Pizza Gourmet Pizza Menu

Elevate your pizza experience with S&R Pizza’s gourmet selection. Immerse yourself in a world of specialty ingredients and exquisite flavors. As we navigate the gourmet pizza menu, discover the premium offerings and their corresponding prices, ensuring your taste buds indulge in a luxurious experience.

S & R Pizza Gourmet Pizza MenuPrice in ₱
18″ Tropical Hawaiian Pizza₱769
18″ Cream Cheese Pepperoni Pizza₱769
18″ Cheesy Burger Deluxe Pizza₱769
18″ All Meat Pizza Deli₱769

S&R Pizza Two in One Pizza Menu

Experience the best of both worlds with S&R Pizza’s two-in-one pizzas. Intriguing combinations await as we explore the menu’s creative pairings. From classic duos to unexpected unions, learn about the options available and the prices attached to these delightful combinations.

Two in One Pizza MenuPrice in ₱
18″ Cheese and Pepperoni Pizza₱747
18″ Combo and Cheese Pizza₱747
18″ Combo and Pepperoni Pizza₱747
18″ Combo and Garlic Shrimp Pizza₱747
18″ Garlic Shrimp and Cheese Pizza₱747
18″ Garlic Shrimp and Pepperoni Pizza₱747

S&R Pizza Chicken Wings Menu

Chicken wings, a timeless favorite, have found a special place on the S&R Pizza menu. From classic flavors to innovative twists, explore the chicken wing options and their corresponding prices. Whether you like them mild or spicy, the S&R Pizza chicken wings menu has something for every palate.

Chicken Wings MenuPrice in ₱
Garlic Parmesan Chicken Wings (6 pcs)₱229
Garlic Parmesan Chicken Wings (12 pcs)₱419
Honey Sriracha Chicken Wings (6 pcs)₱229
Honey Sriracha Chicken Wings (12 pcs)₱419

S&R Pizza Southern Style Fried Chicken Meal

For those craving more than just pizza, S&R Pizza has an array of Southern Style Fried Chicken meals. Dive into the crispy goodness as we explore the menu, detailing the various chicken options and their respective prices. Discover why S&R Pizza is not just a pizza haven but a complete dining experience.

Southern Style Fried Chicken Meal MenuPrice in ₱
2 Pcs Chicken with Rice₱184

S&R Pizza Beverages Menu

Wash down your delectable meal with a beverage from S&R Pizza’s extensive menu. Explore the array of options, from sodas to refreshing juices. Dive into the beverages menu, understanding the prices and popular choices that complete your dining experience.

Beverages MenuPrice in ₱
Pepsi Black 600ml₱69
Pepsi Regular 600ml₱69
Mountain Dew 600ml₱69
Mirinda 600ml₱69
Pepsi Regular 2L₱131
7Up 2L₱131
Mountain Dew 2L₱131

S&R Pizza Milk Tea Menu

Quench your thirst with the refreshing milk tea options at S&R Pizza. From classic flavors to innovative blends, discover the milk tea menu and the corresponding prices. As we delve into the choices available, find the perfect beverage to accompany your pizza feast.

Milk Tea MenuPrice in ₱
Classic Brown Sugar Milk Tea₱119
Wintermelon Salted Cream Milk Tea₱119
Salted Cream Dark Chocolate Milk Tea₱119

S&R Pizza Burgers and Sandwiches

S&R Pizza extends its culinary expertise beyond pizzas and pastas to include mouthwatering burgers and sandwiches. Explore the variety of options, each boasting unique ingredients. Learn about the prices attached to these delectable choices and find the perfect burger or sandwich to complement your meal.

Burgers and Sandwiches MenuPrice in ₱
All Beef Hot Dog₱149
Hot Dog with Bacon & Cheese₱195
Quarter Pound Burger₱161
S&R Chicken Sandwich with Bacon₱145
Double Cheesy Quarter Pounder Burger₱207
Chicken Baked Roll with Bacon₱164

S&R Pizza Starters Menu

Every great meal begins with a delightful starter. S&R Pizza understands this, offering a range of appetizers to kickstart your dining experience. Join us as we explore the starters menu, highlighting the prices and customer favorites that set the tone for a memorable meal.

Starters MenuPrice in ₱
Chicken Caesar Salad with Bacon₱230
Savory Fries₱156
S&R French Fries₱84

S&R Pizza Pasta Menu

Carb lovers rejoice as we navigate through the pasta offerings at S&R Pizza. From creamy Alfredo to robust marinara, discover the pasta options available and their corresponding prices. Savor the flavors and understand the portion sizes to make the perfect choice for your pasta cravings.

Pasta MenuPrice in ₱
Scampi Pasta₱296
Chicken Pesto Pasta₱296
All Meat Pasta₱296

S&R Pizza Bestseller Items and Prices In Philippines

Curious about what others can’t get enough of at S&R Pizza? Join us as we unveil the bestsellers on the menu. From pizzas to sides, discover the crowd-pleasing favorites that keep customers coming back for more. Understand the appeal and why these items stand out among the diverse menu offerings. Don’t miss out; order now and treat yourself to a slice of pizza perfection!

  • Pepperoni Pizza (₱692)
  • Chicken Baked Roll and Bacon (₱164)
  • Cheese Pizza (₱626)
  • Combo Pizza (₱692)

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Conclusion of S&R Pizza Menu Prices

In conclusion, S&R Pizza not only satisfies our pizza cravings but also offers a diverse menu that caters to a variety of tastes. By understanding the menu prices, we can make informed choices that align with our preferences and budget. S&R Pizza stands as a testament to culinary excellence, providing not just a meal but an experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the current S&R Pizza menu prices in the Philippines?

S&R Pizza menu prices typically range between ₱69 and ₱769, providing a diverse range of options to suit various budgets and preferences.

Can I customize my pizza order online?

Yes, you can! S & R Pizza understands that everyone has their own unique taste preferences. We offer convenient online ordering with customization options, allowing you to create the perfect pizza tailored to your liking.

Do S & R Pizza members get special discounts?

Indeed, they do! Being an S & R member comes with exclusive benefits, including special discounts and promotions. If you’re a member, you can enjoy even more savings on our delicious pizzas.

Are there any vegetarian options on the menu?

Certainly! S & R Pizza values diversity, and our menu reflects that. We offer a variety of delicious vegetarian options, ensuring there’s something for everyone, including our herbivore friends.

How can I find the nearest S & R Pizza branch?

Finding the nearest S & R Pizza branch is easy! You can use the official S & R Pizza website or mobile app to locate the branch closest to you.

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