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Creating Links To Our Content

The following entities are permitted to hyperlink to our site without requiring a prior written permission:

  • Government agencies;
  • Search engines;
  • Media companies;
  • Online directory distributors may hyperlink to our website in the same way to way they hyperlink to the websites of other companies listed on our website. Only the difference lies in that they’re
  • Accredited businesses, which excludes charities and non-profit fundraising groups for fundraising, aren’t allowed to join our site without prior approval.

The companies might offer hyperlinks to our publications on our home pages websites, or other information in the sense that the hyperlink (a) isn’t in any way false, (b) does not suggest that there’s any endorsement, sponsorship, or other relationship between us for any of our services or products, as well as (c) is appropriate to the context in the context in which it appears.

We are able to consider and accept links from the following types of organisations:

  • Prominent resources widely sought after for insights on products and business include reputable information outlets.
  • Dot.com community sites;
  • Associations and other organizations which represent charitable institutions
  • Online directory distributors;
  • Internet portals;
  • Consulting, accounting, and law businesses; it’s
  • Associations for class and educational institutions.

We’ll accept links from the types of businesses mentioned above if we are of the opinion that these things: (a) this link doesn’t harm our image or the image of the organizations that are accredited; (b) the requesting organisation isn’t linked to any negative association with our business; (c) benefits that we receive from being visible will offset the lack of MenuPricePh. (d) to ensure that this link will be displayed within an overall informational context.

The websites can provide hyperlinks to our homepage, provided that it: (a) does not appear to be misleading in any way, (b) does not in any way suggest endorsement or endorsement of products or services offered by our side, and in addition, (c) is in accordance with the context in which it is posted in.

If you’re a member of one of the organizations listed at the 2nd paragraph. above If you’re looking to create an online link on our website, and would like to notify us of your interest in submitting your email address to MenuPricePh. Please include your full name and the title of your business’ name, contact details as well as the URL of your site, as well as an outline of URLs on our site that you intend to link to as well as websites on which you’re planning to show our URLs. Please allow 2 to three weeks for a response.

The companies that have been approved can add hyperlinks to our website with the methods listed below:

  • Corporate name used by our firm is or
  • Utilize the URL to the URL to which the link will reroute;
  • Utilize the description or other information regarding the Site that is in line with the nature and the context of the content to the purpose for which the link is put in.

The use or publication of hyperlinks pointing towards the MenuPricePh logo and/or other visual elements isn’t permitted with out a written license in order to use the trademark.

Responsibility for Content:

Our Site is not legal accountable for any information that is posted on our Website. You are required to defend us against any claims made against our Site. It is forbidden that any link(s) are placed on any website which could be interpreted as infringing on the rights of others, is criminal or offensive or infringes on or violates or encourages the infringement of any third-party’s rights.

Reservation of Rights:

The website reserves the rights to request removal of all links, as well as any link that direct you to our site. You agree to delete any links that link to our website when we request removal. We reserve the right to alter and modify these terms at anytime. In the event that you choose to publish hyperlinks on our website, You agree to abide by the terms and conditions of linking.

Removal Of Links On Our Website:

If you discover a hyperlink on our website that you consider to be unsatisfactory in any way you can reach us and inform us regarding the matter at any time. We’ll look into any requests to take down links, but we’re not required to remove the links on our website or to address your request directly.

We cannot guarantee that the information provided on the website is up-to-date. The site does not assure the accuracy or entirety of the information it contains. We cannot assure you that we will be accessible or that the information published on the website will be current.

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reduce or completely eliminate any liability we or you could be liable for any misrepresentation or fraud of a fraudulent nature.

Limit our or our liability in any manner that isn’t allowed by law. Limit any liability we may have or you that can’t be exempted under the law applicable to you.

The restrictions and limitations on responsibility are set forth in this Section, as well as elsewhere in the document (a) is subject to the preceding paragraph, and (b) include all obligations that result from the declaration, which include those arising out of tort, contract as well as for a breach of a legal obligation.

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