Tiger Sugar Menu Prices in Philippines Latest 2024

Tiger Sugar is a famous bubble tea brand known for its unique drinks and innovative flavors. The Tiger Sugar menu offers a wide variety of options. With its signature brown sugar syrup and creamy milk tea, Tiger Sugar has become a favorite among bubble tea enthusiasts in the Philippines.

The Tiger Sugar menu is designed to provide customers with a memorable and enjoyable experience. Each drink is carefully crafted using high-quality ingredients, ensuring that every sip is bursting with flavor. Whether you’re craving something sweet and indulgent or refreshing and fruity, Tiger Sugar has something for everyone.

In addition to its delicious drinks, Tiger Sugar also offers a cozy and inviting ambiance, making it the perfect place to relax and unwind. Whether you’re meeting up with friends or simply treating yourself to a tasty beverage, Tiger Sugar is sure to delight your taste buds and leave you craving more.

Tiger Sugar Menu Prices

Tiger Sugar Menu Prices in Philippines

A variety of menu items in the Philippines, including Cafe Latte, Tiger Cheese Mousse, Tea Latte with Cream Mousse, Red Beans Series, Matcha Series, Brown Sugar Signature, Chocolate Series with Cream Mousse, Tea Series, Taro Series, and Fruit Series.

Tiger Sugar Tea Series Menu

Tiger Sugar’s Tea Series offers a range of tea-based drinks, including classic options like Jasmine Green Tea and Earl Grey Tea, as well as unique creations like Honey Lemon Black Tea and Peach Oolong Tea.

Tea Series MenuPrice in ₱
Black Tea₱150
Golden Black Oolong Tea₱100
Jasmine Green Tea₱100
Vanilla Black Tea₱100

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Tiger Sugar Red Beans Series

For a taste of tradition, Tiger Sugar’s Red Beans Series features drinks that incorporate sweet red beans, adding a delightful texture and flavor to each sip.

Red Beans Series MenuPrice in ₱
Brown Sugar Red Bean Milk with Cream Mousse₱180
Brown Sugar Boba Red Bean Milk with Cream Mousse₱180
Brown Sugar Red Bean Pudding Milk with Cream Mousse₱180

Tiger Sugar Brown Sugar Signature

One of Tiger Sugar’s signature drinks is the Brown Sugar Boba Milk with Cream Mousse. This indulgent beverage features chewy boba pearls coated in brown sugar syrup, layered with creamy milk, and topped with a velvety cream mousse.

Brown Sugar Signature MenuPrice in ₱
Brown Sugar Boba Milk with Cream Mousse₱140
Brown Sugar Boba And Pearl with Cream Mousse₱140
Brown Sugar Milk with Cream Mousse₱160
Brown Sugar Pudding Milk with Cream Mousse₱170
Brown Sugar Coffee Jelly with Cream Mousse₱170

Tiger Sugar Tiger Cheese Mousse

For those craving something unique, Tiger Sugar offers the Tiger Cheese Mousse. This drink combines the rich flavors of cheese mousse with the sweetness of brown sugar syrup, creating a delightful and creamy concoction.

Tiger Cheese Mousse MenuPrice in ₱
Black Tea₱140
Vanilla Black Tea₱150
Green Tea Latte₱150
Brown Sugar Milk₱170
Golden Black Oolong Tea₱140
Vanilla Black Tea₱140
Black Tea Latte₱150
Jasmine Green Tea₱140
Golden Black Oolong Tea Latte₱150
Vanilla Black Tea₱150

Tiger Sugar Cafe Latte Menu

Tiger Sugar’s Cafe Latte is a creamy and aromatic drink perfect for coffee lovers. Made with freshly brewed espresso and steamed milk, this beverage is a delightful blend of rich coffee flavor and sweetness.

Cafe Latte MenuPrice in ₱
Brown Sugar Cafe Latte Boba with Cream Mousse₱160
Brown Sugar Cafe Latte with Cream Mousse₱160
Brown Sugar Cafe Latte Pearl + Coffee Jelly With Cream Mousse₱170
Brown Sugar Cafe Latte Coffee Jelly with Cream Mousse₱180

Tiger Sugar Chocolate Series and Cream Mousse

Chocolate enthusiasts will be delighted by Tiger Sugar’s Chocolate Series with Cream Mousse. This menu features a selection of chocolate-based drinks, each topped with a luscious cream mousse for added indulgence.

Chocolate Series and Cream Mousse MenuPrice in ₱
Brown Sugar Choco Hazelnut Boba Milk₱160
Brown Sugar Choco Hazelnut Boba + Pudding Milk₱170
Brown Sugar Choco Hazelnut Pudding Milk₱180
Brown Sugar Boba + Pearl Milo Milk₱160
Brown Sugar Milo Boba Milk₱160
Brown Sugar Milo Milk₱160
Brown Sugar Milo Pudding Milk₱180

Tiger Sugar Matcha Series Menu

Matcha enthusiasts will appreciate Tiger Sugar’s Matcha Series, which features drinks that highlight the earthy and aromatic flavors of matcha green tea.

Matcha Series MenuPrice in ₱
Brown Sugar Boba Matcha Milk₱190
Brown Sugar Matcha Milk₱190

Tiger Sugar Taro Series

Taro lovers will find delight in Tiger Sugar’s Taro Series, which offers drinks infused with the sweet and nutty flavor of taro, creating a unique and satisfying beverage.

Taro Series MenuPrice in ₱
Brown Sugar Taro Milk with Milk Mochi₱180
Brown Sugar Boba Taro Milk₱190
Brown Sugar Boba Taro Milk with Taro Pudding₱180

Tiger Sugar Tea Latte & Cream Mousse

Tiger Sugar’s Tea Latte with Cream Mousse is a must-try if you prefer tea-based beverages. This drink combines the soothing qualities of tea with the richness of cream mousse, creating a harmonious blend of flavors.

Tea Latte & Cream Mousse MenuPrice in ₱
Black Tea Latte₱130
Vanilla Black Tea Latte₱130
Golden Black Oolong Tea Latte₱130
Green Tea Latte₱130

Tiger Sugar Fruit Series Menu

Perfect for fruit lovers, Tiger Sugar’s Fruit Series offers a refreshing selection of drinks made with real fruit juices and chunks, providing a burst of freshness with every sip.

Fruit Series MenuPrice in ₱
Strawberry Daifuku₱160
Tiger Mango Milk With Aloe and Choco Jelly₱140
Strawberry Jasmine Green Tea₱130
Lemon Golden Oolong Tea with Boba or Pearl₱110
Lemon Black Tea with Boba₱110

Tiger Sugar Menu Bestsellers and Their Prices

Some of Tiger Sugar’s bestsellers in the Philippines include the Brown Sugar Boba Milk with Cream Mousse, Tiger Cheese Mousse, and Tea Latte with Cream Mousse. These drinks have become fan favorites for their exceptional taste and quality. Treat yourself to a refreshing and indulgent drink at Tiger Sugar today!

  • Brown Sugar Boba Milk and Cream Mousse (₱140)
  • Brown Sugar Cafe Latte with Cream Mousse (₱160)

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Conclusion of Tiger Sugar Menu Prices

In conclusion, Tiger Sugar menu prices offer a diverse menu of delicious and innovative drinks catering to various tastes. With its unique concept and high-quality ingredients, Tiger Sugar has established itself as a top choice for bubble tea enthusiasts in the Philippines.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Tiger Sugar’s drinks available for delivery?

Tiger Sugar offers delivery services through various food delivery platforms.

Does Tiger Sugar use natural ingredients in its drinks?

Tiger Sugar uses high-quality ingredients, including natural flavors and fresh milk, in its beverages.

Are Tiger Sugar’s drinks customizable?

Customers can customize their drinks by adjusting the sweetness level and adding toppings like boba pearls or pudding.

Does Tiger Sugar offer dairy-free options?

Tiger Sugar offers dairy-free alternatives, such as soy milk, for customers with dietary restrictions.

Are Tiger Sugar’s prices competitive compared to other bubble tea brands?

Yes, Tiger Sugar offers competitive prices for its drinks, making it a popular choice among bubble tea enthusiasts.

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