Zagu Menu Prices in Philippines 2024 [Updated]

Zagu is a popular beverage brand in the Philippines, offering a wide range of delicious and refreshing drinks. The Zagu menu is filled with unique and innovative beverages that cater to different tastes and preferences.

From fruit-based drinks to creamy chocolate indulgences, Zagu has something for everyone. With its extensive menu, Zagu has become a popular choice for Filipinos looking for a tasty and satisfying drink. Whether you’re in the mood for a fruity blend or a rich chocolate drink, Zagu has you covered.

What sets Zagu apart is its use of real fruit pieces and premium ingredients, ensuring that every sip is bursting with flavor. Whether you’re looking for a quick pick-me-up or a refreshing treat, Zagu’s menu has plenty to offer.

Zagu Menu Prices

Zagu Menu Prices in Philippines

Zagu offers a diverse menu in the Philippines, featuring items in categories like Fruit Selection, Favorites, Chocolate Indulgence, and Coffee & Tea. Each category boasts a variety of flavors and options, ensuring there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Zagu Chocolate Indulgence Menu

Indulge your sweet tooth with Zagu’s Chocolate Indulgence Menu, featuring rich and creamy chocolate-based drinks.

Chocolate Indulgence MenuPrice in ₱
Black Forest Grande₱134
Cookies and Cream Regular₱96
Chocolate Regular Grande₱134
Chocolate Regular Regular₱96
Cookies and Cream Grande₱134
Black Forest Regular₱96

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Zagu Fruit Selection

For those looking for a healthier option, Zagu’s Fruit Selection Menu features a variety of fruit-based drinks made with real fruit chunks.

Fruit Selection MenuPrice in ₱
Melon Grande₱134
Four Seasons Grande₱19
Watermelon Regular₱96
Strawberry Grande₱134
Strawberry Regular₱96
Philippine Mango Grande₱202
Four Seasons Regular₱135
Melon Regular₱96
Watermelon Grande₱134
Philippine Mango Regular₱141

Zagu Coffee & Tea Menu

Zagu’s Coffee & Tea Menu offers a range of hot and cold beverages, including coffee-based drinks, milk teas, and flavored teas.

Coffee & Tea MenuPrice in ₱
Pearl Milk Tea Grande₱134
Caffe Latte Grande₱134
Hazelnut Cappuccino Grande₱134
Pearl Milk Tea Regular₱96
Caffe Latte Regular₱96
Hazelnut Cappuccino Regular₱96

Zagu Favorites Menu

Discover Zagu’s signature drinks on the Favorites Menu, which includes popular flavors like taro, ube, and pandan.

Favorites MenuPrice in ₱
Taro Regular₱96
Halo-halo Grande₱144
Buko Pandan Grande₱134
Zagu’t Gulaman Grande₱120
Ube Regular₱96
Ube Grande₱134
Taro Grande₱134
Quezo Royale Grande₱134
Fruit Salad Grande₱148
Halo-halo Regular₱111
Quezo Royale Regular₱96
Zagu’t Gulaman Regular₱102
Buko Pandan Regular₱96
Fruit Salad Regular₱112

Zagu Menu Bestsellers and Their Prices

Some of the bestsellers on the Zagu menu in the Philippines include the Taro Slush, Ube Pearl Cooler, and the classic Pearl Milk Tea. These drinks have become favorites among customers for their unique flavors and refreshing taste.

  • Buko Pandan Regular (₱96)
  • Chocolate Regular Grande (₱134)
  • Cookies and Cream Grande (₱134)
  • Pearl Milk Tea Grande (₱134)

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Conclusion of Zagu Menu Prices

In conclusion, Zagu continues to be a favorite among Filipinos for its innovative drinks, quality ingredients, and affordable prices. Whether you’re in the mood for a fruity concoction or a creamy chocolate treat, Zagu has something for everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Zagu drinks available in different sizes?

Yes, Zagu offers its drinks in regular and large sizes to cater to different preferences.

Can I customize my Zagu drink?

Yes, you can customize your Zagu drink by choosing your preferred flavor and toppings.

Are Zagu drinks made with natural ingredients?

Yes, Zagu drinks are made with natural ingredients, including real fruit chunks and premium tea leaves.

Does Zagu offer any sugar-free options?

Yes, Zagu offers sugar-free options for customers looking for healthier alternatives.

Are Zagu drinks available for delivery?

Yes, Zagu offers delivery services through its website and mobile app.

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